How to accelerate the growth of your hair naturally?

Some women like to keep their hairstyles the same for a long time, while others like to change their hairstyles from time to time.

For my part, I admit that I like to change my mind from time to time. The problem is that shortly after cutting my hair, I see a hairdressing tutorial video or a star on the red carpet and I want to have long hair!

I am not particularly for hair extensions. How then to accelerate the growth of hair naturally? It turns out that there are many techniques. Here are some of the natural ways to grow your hair to become a true Disney princess.

Natural hair growth

First of all, it is important to know that hair grows naturally at a rate of about 1 cm per month. But the long hair you dream of is actually composed of dead cells. Like your nails, and like feathers, horns, claws and animal beaks, your hair is made of keratin, not living cells.

To grow hair, it is therefore important to take care of the hair root. However, the rest of the hair should not be neglected, because we really don’t want to have brittle, dull hair.

Products to avoid

To avoid damaging your hair, there are some products you should avoid. It is not always possible to use entirely natural products when it comes to personal hygiene. But the care we buy in supermarkets can contain products that are harmful to hair growth.

Silicone is considered by many to be a miracle product. Silicone fills cracks, smoothes hair, helps detangling and styling. Silicone products can protect hair when a straightener or hair dryer is used regularly. It can protect your hair, but sometimes it can also hurt your hair roots.

The problem is that too often shampoo bottles do not clearly indicate the presence of silicone. So look on the back of the bottles for words such as:

  • dimethyl polysiloxane
  • phenyl dimethicone
  • dimethicone

Use oils to accelerate hair growth

Oils have countless benefits and uses. Some are particularly known to promote hair growth. I propose a short list and some tips on how to use it.

  • Argan oil. You can do a weekly argan oil bath.
  • Coconut oil. With this oil you can also make oil baths. As a bonus, you spend an hour or two wrapped in a tropical fragrance that makes you feel good.
  • Essential oil of Ylang-Ylang. Ylang-Ylang means “the flower of flowers” in the Philippine language. In addition to a pretty name and an intoxicating fragrance, Ylang-Ylang oil can penetrate the scalp to nourish and revitalize the hair bulb. For two to three weeks apply 5 drops of oil to the hair and massage.
  • Castor oil. Once or twice a week, bathe in castor oil.

Foods your hair likes

The most natural and healthy way to promote hair growth is to eat the foods our hair likes. Starting with proteins. Keratin is a protein. I therefore recommend that you eat beef, oats, seafood, dairy products, bulgur and fish.

I also recommend that you stock up on vitamin B. This vitamin helps to renew the cells in the hair follicle. You should therefore choose meat, liver, nori seaweed, cereals and egg yolk (but beware of cholesterol!)

Zinc and iron

Zinc is used to synthesize protein. In addition, zinc has sebum-regulating and anti-bacterial properties, making it your ally of choice for growing your hair. You can find zinc in wheat germ, veal liver and oysters, seeds, and nuts (you could make a homemade spread if you are not too veal liver and oysters).

To grow your hair, you must ensure that the cells are oxygenated. For this, nothing is better than iron. You will find it in red meat, milk, wheat germ, pulses and fish, quinoa, lentils, sunflower seeds.

Brewer’s yeast

It’s a little less natural, but just as effective: brewer’s yeast. All you have to do is swallow 1 tablet a day for three months. But brewer’s yeast has a big disadvantage, it will increase the growth of hair, but also that of the hair of the whole body. I will not recommend it to women who already have significant hair growth.

Natural hairdressing

All the tools we are sold work wonders when it comes to having a star hairstyle for a night out. But using them on a daily basis is not recommended. Try these little tricks instead.

Use a bamboo brush

The bamboo brush is antistatic. With its small wooden pins, the brush massages the scalp and thus helps hair growth. I recommend that you focus on the scalp and not the ends. You can also use a natural bristle brush. For gentle detangling, use castor or nigella oil.

Rinse your hair with vinegar

Thanks to vinegar, you can naturally tighten the scales of your hair, thus avoiding the use of products containing silicone. Vinegar also protects your hair from the damaging effects of limescale. Do not use vinegar without diluting it. In a one-litre bottle, pour a quarter of a glass of vinegar and fill with water.

Stop using heating tools

Replace your straightener, curler and hair dryer with the natural methods our grandmothers used. You can use curlers to curl your hair. And to smooth them without heat, try the Kardoune method explained in the video below.

I hope these tips will help you. The key to accelerating hair growth naturally seems to hold roughly in three points: diet, oils and natural styling methods.

Feel free to leave me your comments if you have already tried one or more of these tips.

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