5 natural ways to help you get rid of acne on your skin

No one likes to have a face covered with pimples, but yet, it’s a normal and inevitable thing. Whether it is occasional or regular, pimples often happen without warning.

Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to control or prevent this pimple appearance. They will also help you to have a pretty skin without pimples.


1: clean your face thoroughly

We often think that our skin is clean, but unfortunately this is never totally the case. During the day, the skin is exposed to dust, pollution and bacteria.

Without realizing it, we often also tend to pass our hands over our faces, which contributes even more to dirtying the skin. It is therefore essential to wash your face well every day, preferably morning and evening, and with a good mild cleanser, for beautiful, healthy skin without pimples.

If you wear make-up such as foundation, blush, powder or a ring mask, it is very important to remove make-up from your face before going to sleep. Indeed, the skin breathes less well and must support make-up all day long. Thus, removing make-up well the skin helps to remove pimples and blackheads.

2:Tonifier your skin

Sometimes oily skins can have pimples. These skin types have excess sebum and that is why it is important to control this with a good tonic lotion. The skin will no longer shine. As it will be much less greasy, there will be fewer pimples. It should be noted that products such as scented soaps dry the face. pea without pimples

Indeed, the soap removes the protective oil layer from the skin. This could contribute to pimples. It is therefore necessary to use soft products, preferably of the anti-acne type.

3:Utilisez acne products and monitor your diet

If you have a few acne pimples, there are products against over-the-counter pimples available at the pharmacy. These products contain benzoyl peroxide, sulphur or salicylic acid to help reduce the appearance of acne.
In addition, to have healthy, pimple-free skin, it is very important to have a good diet. Indeed, some products seem to contribute to the appearance of pimples such as chocolate and soft drinks. It is also important to drink as much water as possible every day to properly detoxify your body.

4:Evitez the sun and take some zinc

Many people believe that the sun is good for pimples because it dries them out. Of course, the sun dries out the skin, but that’s precisely what causes pimples to appear. Therefore, it is advisable to protect the skin from the sun.

Also be aware that people with serious acne problems often lack zinc in their blood levels; therefore, by taking a zinc supplement, this will help to fight acne. On the other hand, a large quantity is required on a daily basis. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

5:Homemade tip for pimple-free skin

There are many homemade tips to get a smooth skin without pimples. For example, you can use a lettuce lotion.

To do this, fill a small saucepan with water to half full and put three lettuce leaves on it. Boil the whole thing for about ten minutes. Then let cool and remove the lettuce leaves.

Take a cotton pad and dip it in the lotion. Tap the buttons. It’s best to do this at night.

To eliminate blackheads, pass parsley juice directly on the skin, paying particular attention to areas with many blackheads. This will allow you to have healthy skin without blackheads quickly.

It is a simple and natural lotion to fight against blackheads and cleanse the skin of the face. In case of emergency and big buttons you can always hide your buttons.

To cleanse the pores of the skin properly, you can also use lemon. Start by washing your hands with Marseille soap and water. Cut a very thin slice of lemon.

Pass it over your face, carefully avoiding the eye area. Then rinse your face with clean water before drying it by tapping your face with a clean towel. Repeat the operation morning and evening for a few days, then space the applications as soon as your skin looks beautiful and without blackheads.

And what are your tips for a beautiful skin?

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