Nine amazing benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach

You know that drinking water is good for your health. But did you know that drinking water on an empty stomach after waking up has even more amazing effects on the body?

I have a feeling I’m arousing your curiosity, don’t I? So I won’t make you languish any longer before I introduce you to the benefits of fasting water.

The benefits of water consumed throughout the day

Water, the source of life, an extraordinary substance, is essential for the well-being of all living beings on the planet. But it is so much a part of our daily lives that it has become almost commonplace for some.

However, humans can live 40 days without food but cannot survive more than three days without hydration.

Our body is made up of about 65% water. It is therefore very useful to hydrate tendons, regulate body temperature, help the body to produce energy.

In addition, water protects DNA and contributes to the optimal functioning of its repair mechanisms.

Water also improves the effectiveness of the immune system in the bone marrow, so that it can properly fight infections and attack developing cancer cells.

It also promotes the development of cognitive functions in children. Water helps erythrocytes capture oxygen from the lungs and is an essential lubricant for joints.

The benefits of water consumed on an empty stomach after waking up

But to get even more effective results, experts have discovered that it is more important to drink water immediately after waking up in the morning.

This is why among Japanese people, consuming alkaline water on an empty stomach is an essential routine. Here are nine of the main reasons for this enthusiasm.

Water helps the body to get rid of toxins

When you drink water on an empty stomach, you remove from your body these harmful toxins that the body identified during the night, to make it healthier.

It improves metabolism

Water helps your body to digest better. Drinking water as soon as you wake up helps to purify the colon and allows a better absorption of nutrients.

It helps to lose weight

When you drink water in the morning on an empty stomach, you release toxins from your body, which boosts your digestive system by improving your intestinal transit.

You will then have less appetite and your desire to eat food will be reduced.

It helps to reduce heartburn and indigestion

It is the increased acidity in the stomach that causes heartburn. To solve this problem, i.e. for the acid elements to dilute, it is sufficient to drink sufficient water and ideally, fasting in the morning.

It brightens the complexion

Dehydration can cause wrinkles to appear prematurely. Drinking a lot of water on an empty stomach can increase the blood flow of the skin and make your skin look more ruddy. 

It can restore the luster of your hair

Dehydration can seriously affect the health and growth of hair. Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning allows the body to nourish hair from the inside out. Lack of water can make hair fragile and slender. 

It helps prevent kidney problems and bladder infections

Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning dilutes uric acid, allowing kidney organs to filter and expel uric acid through urine. By doing so, you will be protected from a variety of kidney and bladder infections caused by toxins. 

It boosts the immune system

Fasting drinking water can flush and balance the lymphatic system and improve immune level. A strong immune system can protect you from all kinds of diseases. 

Reduce fatigue, stress and anxiety

75% of your brain tissue is water. When you don’t have enough water, your brain works without energy. 

You may feel tired, stressed, anxious, or emotionally volatile. Water also helps restore sleep.

How to proceed?

The following method is relatively easy to integrate into your daily routine. Personally, it took me very little time to get used to consuming so much water when I woke up.

In the morning, when you get out of bed, you should drink about 640 ml of hot water, which corresponds to about four glasses.

After consuming this water, you should not eat or drink (which should not be a problem for you) within 45 minutes. You can then go about your daily business.

It is also advisable to drink hot water during your meal and 15 minutes after. After this time, you just need to take a two-hour break between each meal.

Because I had trouble at first consuming four glasses of water on an empty stomach in the morning, I started my routine with one glass of water a day and gradually increased to the recommended amount.

The great thing about this fasting water consumption technique is that it is easy to apply, its effects on the body are more than surprising and the results are not long in coming. In short, you should feel like new in a very short time.



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