7 Mistakes about Babies Eating Eggs

Eggs, rich in high-quality protein, its nutritional value can often be highly affirmed by everyone in the family, has a very broad mass base, can almost be said to be a “gold medalist” in supplementary food. Families with divergent views on parenting can always reach a high degree of agreement on the matter of “eating eggs.”

But people are beginning to say different things about how eggs are eaten. 

  • When a baby eats eggs, it can only be boiled in water. 
  • Under 1 year old baby, can not eat protein at all, want allergy. 
  • Don’t eat eggs when your baby has a cold and fever. 

Is it true that all this talk about eggs is true?

Can egg yolk be used as the first supplementary food? 

Egg yolks are nutritious, and many mothers feed their babies egg yolks as a first mouthful of supplementary food. 

In fact, the baby’s first mouthful of supplementary food should be rich in iron mud paste food, egg yolk does not meet such requirements. 

Although the content of iron in egg yolk is not low, the yolk high phosphorus protein contained in egg yolk will affect the absorption of iron, even if the baby eats egg yolk, it can not absorb the iron element better. 

Of course, the nutritional value of egg yolk is very high, although can not supplement iron, but rich in high-quality protein, phospholipid, vitamin A and other nutrients, in the later stage of adding supplementary food to the baby, it is best to ensure that the baby can eat an egg yolk (whole egg) every day.

Can the baby under 1 year old eat whole egg? YES! 

Many mothers think that protein is easy to cause allergies, but also feel that the nutritional value of protein is not as high as egg yolk, so only give the baby egg yolk. 

But in fact, there is no evidence that children who eat nutrition-intensive foods such as fish, meat and eggs at the age of 4 to 6 months will become allergic to such foods in the future. 

Moreover, the high-quality protein in the egg is mainly concentrated in the protein part, the protein and egg yolk will be eaten together with the baby, the nutritional value will be more comprehensive. 

Therefore, after the baby can adapt to the egg yolk, you can give the baby to eat some egg white, and gradually ensure that the baby eats a whole egg every day.

Eat eggs only eat the most nutritious white boiled eggs? NO! 

Eggs can be cooked in a variety of ways, steaming, boiling, frying, stir-frying can be made in different flavors. However, it should be noted that improper cooking of eggs will affect the digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients. 

Even the most nutritious boiled eggs, cooked for too long, will lead to excessive coagulation of protein, affecting the digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

In addition, if the eggs to be fried to eat, fried for too long, too much heat, will lead to poor taste of eggs, both affect the taste and affect digestion. 

In fact, whether boiled eggs, fried eggs, Egg Custard, scrambled eggs are very nutritious, for healthy babies, different cooking methods lead to the loss of egg nutrients is only relatively speaking. 

For the baby who has just added supplementary food, Egg Custard is undoubtedly the most suitable. 

But if the baby is tired of eating, or does not like to eat white boiled eggs, the mother can naturally change other cooking methods, to ensure that the small goal of one egg a day!

Baby can eat a lot of eggs every day? NO! 

Any food is not to eat as much as possible, nor are eggs. 

Eggs are rich in nutrients, including protein, fat, vitamin A and other nutrients are very high, but eat an egg a day is actually enough. 

Give the baby to eat too many eggs, easy to lead to protein, fat indigestion, but also occupy the baby’s already small stomach, affecting the normal intake of other foods.

Can you eat eggs when you have a cold and fever? YES! 

You may have heard that you can’t eat eggs when you have a cold and fever, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease. 

But this is just an ancient medical myth in some oriental countries. according to modern medicine, there is no evidence that colds cannot eat eggs. 

Eggs belong to high-quality protein food, digestibility, absorptivity are not always high, compared with other livestock meat, the nutritional components of eggs are easier to be used by the human body. 

During the baby’s illness, in particular, it is necessary to ensure the intake of high-quality protein, eggs are indeed a good source of nutrition. 

Of course, when the baby has a cold and fever, first of all, drink more water to ensure that the liquid intake is adequate. 

When the baby is sick, do not give him fried eggs, to eat eggs, you can choose a better digestion of cooking methods, such as Egg & vegetable soup, Egg Custard, boiled eggs and other forms.

Can I eat eggs when I have diarrhea? Depending on the situation! 

Baby diarrhea, the first should provide the baby with a sufficient amount of liquid food. 

If the baby is acute diarrhea, to avoid dehydration and electrolyte deficiency, you should first replenish the baby with water and oral salt supplement, then the baby should supplement grain, bread, low-fat meat, and then give the baby a small amount of vegetables and fruits. Finally, fat food is introduced. 

When the baby has diarrhea, gastrointestinal function weakens and the digestion and absorption rate of food becomes lower, but it can still absorb 60% of the nutrition of the food. 

In the early stages of acute diarrhea, the baby can eat the egg white part of the egg.

Can the boiled egg of the next night still be given to the baby to eat? I’d rather you didn’t. 

Can the white boiled egg of the next night be given to the baby to eat? The opinions of various “popular science articles” on the Internet are different. 

From a safety point of view, as long as the cooked and well-cooked boiled egg is kept in the refrigerator, even after a night, it can be eaten. 

But from the nutritional point of view, I suggest not to give the child to eat overnight boiled egg. At the same time, the taste of overnight cooking is not as good as that of boiled eggs, and there are some differences in flavor. 

It’s best to boil a new egg.

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