5 simple ways to avoid autonomic nervous disorders

There is always a place to feel uncomfortable but has not been good, just encountered a little thing immediately very anxious, always feel very tired during the day, but can not sleep at night. 

Have you ever had the above experience? 

In fact, these are symptoms of autonomic nervous disorders, not only will cause palpitations, diarrhea, stomachache, will cause great harm to health for a long time. 

And according to Japanese self-discipline nerve authority doctor pointed out, male 30 years old, female 40 years old, parasympathetic nerve activity will decline rapidly, easy to cause self-discipline nerve disorder! 

Through 5 kinds of daily life can be easily done in the way, easy to improve!

Autonomic nerves relax the body and mind

Professors at Japan’s authoritative School of self-discipline Neurology said that autonomic nerves are nerves that promote visceral operation, transport blood, and control visceral and vascular functions. breathing does not stop during sleep, but also depends on the operation of autonomic nerves. 

The autonomic nerve is composed of sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve. when the sympathetic nerve is in operation, the blood pressure rises, the body will be more active; when the parasympathetic nerve is in operation, it will dilate the blood vessels, make the blood pressure drop, and relax the body and mind.

Autonomic nervous disorders in women after the age of 40

These two kinds of nerves need to maintain a balanced operation, but modern people are often in the sympathetic nerve priority, parasympathetic nerve activity decline. 

The level of parasympathetic activity begins to decline rapidly after the age of 30 for men and 40 for women, that is, it often remains in a state of sympathetic superiority. 

This state can lead to deterioration of blood circulation, low immunity, anxiety throughout the day, as well as emotional problems. Unable to switch to parasympathetic nerve normally, will also affect sleep, can not sleep well.

Improving autonomic nervous disorders

1. Take a nap for an hour. 

A nap after lunch helps refresh yourself, but if you take more than an hour, it makes the parasympathetic nerves that should be activated during the night sleep worse. The longest nap time is also best controlled within an hour. 

2. Big breath. 

Deep breathing can stimulate parasympathetic nerve, increase the blood flow of peripheral blood vessels, relax the body and mind, and control the autonomic nerve. If you are afraid that deep breathing in public or in the office will affect your surroundings, you may wish to do so during the break. 

3. Don’t exercise in the morning. 

In the morning, the blood vessels are still in a contractile state, the body is prone to stiffness, at this time reluctantly exercise may cause myocardial infarction. There is also a risk of injury at a time when the body is still unstable. . 

4. Walking. 

Jogging a lot of exercise, breathing faster, will make parasympathetic nerve operation decline, shallow breathing and poor blood circulation. Take a deep breath and walk healthily, so that you can relax your body and mind. 

5. Listen to the music. 

Listen to 30 minutes of music, can promote sympathetic and parasympathetic balance, so that people relax, calm mood, in addition to favorite songs, but suitable for listening to strange songs. If there is memory in the brain of a familiar tune, it will disrupt the effect of autonomic nerve reorganization.

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