Bananas can prevent hypertension if you eat 11 bananas a day

About bananas, you may have heard a lot about their benefits: lowering blood pressure, enriching nutrients, improving constipation, and protecting intestinal health. 

But are bananas really such magical fruit? In fact, it is not that many fruits are rich in nutritional elements, but the presence of a certain nutrient element does not necessarily mean that it can play a role. 

You know, the nutrients in a fruit don’t really meet a person’s daily needs. 

Bananas, for example, can lower blood pressure, in fact, if you need to eat 11 bananas a day.

Bananas can prevent hypertension if you eat 11 bananas a day

Bananas prevent high blood pressure? 

If bananas can prevent high blood pressure, the premise is: eat 11 a day. 

It’s not a bluff., How to be health can prove it: 

Known 1: 

To effectively prevent chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, eat 3600 milligrams of potassium a day. 

Known 2: 

Banana potassium content is not bad, 100 grams of peeled banana meat contains about 250 milligrams of potassium. 


Eat 1440 grams of banana meat every day, that is, to eat 4 catties of bananas, about 11, in order to eat enough potassium. 

You see, eating bananas alone to replenish potassium and lower blood pressure is simply unrealistic.

Banana weight loss? You might get fat. 

Some people may ask the previous reasoning, if you really eat 11 bananas a day, high blood pressure is also prevented, calories are not high, is not very weight loss? 

Well, the total calories of 11 bananas are about 1300 kilocalories, a lot less than the 1800 kilocalories that adult women normally eat a day. 

However, most of the calories are carbohydrates, to put it bluntly, they are sugar. Low calories but high sugar will still make you fat. 

And protein and other important nutrients are very scarce, rely on “banana weight loss method” or any other fruit weight loss method, not only can not lose weight, but also nutritional imbalance, become edema. 

Also, are you sure you can make sure you reject all other food and eat 11 bananas a day? 

It is recommended that: 

To lose weight, fruit suggests no more than 200 grams a day, and exercise is inevitable.

Bananas can cause constipation

You may have learned from traditional medicine that bananas can help you solve constipation, but that’s not entirely true. 

The key to improving constipation is to eat more dietary fiber. The cellulose content of bananas, on the other hand, is not high. 

The fiber content of common apples, oranges, pears and dragon fruits was significantly higher than that of bananas. 

If you compare it again, just eat more vegetables every day. the fiber content is high and the calories are much lower. 

In addition, immature bananas in the “tannic acid” content is very high, easy to cause constipation. 

It can be seen that no matter ripe bananas, raw bananas, the effect of relieving constipation is not very good. 

However, these characteristics of bananas, coupled with the fact that it contains ingredients to protect the intestinal mucosa, the content of potassium is relatively high, starch content and calories are not low, more suitable for diarrhea patients to stop diarrhea.

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