6 cancer-fighting snacks, chocolate is the most powerful

Dark chocolate can starve cancer cells? Is it true?

Cancer, also known as malignant tumor, is a major killer of human health, seriously threatening human health and life. So, how to prevent cancer?

Today we’re going to talk about starving cancer cells to death with chocolate and take a look at the 6 best cancer-fighting snacks.

Dark chocolate

There are three basic types of chocolate: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Dark chocolate is cocoa butter content in more than 50%, also known as pure chocolate.

Milk chocolate is chocolate with milk powder, milk or condensed milk added. White chocolate is made from fat, sugar and cocoa butter. It contains no cocoa beans. Among the many varieties of chocolate, only dark chocolate has anti-cancer and health benefits.

How to choose? Choose dark chocolate with a purity of 65 percent or more, and the darker the better. Milk chocolate or chocolate sauce actually has very low antioxidant activity.

Italian researchers asked volunteers to the grouping test, the subjects for those who consumed the dark chocolate after 1 hour, the test data shows that they the antioxidants in the body, including flavonoids (is the removal of oxygen free radicals, inhibit cancer cell growth of natural active substance) in the blood levels rose significantly. The other two groups, those who ate milk chocolate and those who ate dark chocolate plus milk, showed no significant changes in antioxidant levels.

While the cocoa content in chocolate may be beneficial for cardiovascular and cancer prevention, it does not mean that it can be consumed in excess. The expert introduces, dark chocolate, had better choose content to be in 70% above, and the blacker the better; Daily consumption of about 50-100g; In addition, do not drink milk when eating dark chocolate, it will affect the absorption of flavonoids absorption.

Boiled edamame

These isoflavones may protect against breast cancer.

Studies have shown that edamame can also inhibit the spread of pancreatic cancer. The poached edamame is tender and sweet, and it hasn’t been terribly processed.

How to choose? Choose a bright green, firm, non-bruised pod and boil. Fresh edamame can last for about three days, while frozen edamame can last for months.


Research published by the American association for cancer research found that pistachios contain gamma tocopherol, which lowers the risk of lung cancer. It contains a lot of resveratrol, second only to red wine in content, which can fight cancer and prevent cardiovascular disease. This phytosterol also protects cardiovascular health.

The amaranth fruit coat of happy fruit contains a lot of procyanidins inside, have fall blood fat, fight cancer to fall the effect of blood pressure, also can fight radiate at the same time, suit the crowd that faces computer for long. The emerald green kernels of pistachios contain a large amount of lutein, which has a strong antioxidant effect and prevents macular degeneration.

How to choose? Choose unflavored pistachios and keep them under 50g.

Dried dates

Dried jujube is rich in dietary fiber, especially beneficial to the prevention of colorectal cancer. But most of all, it’s high in antioxidants like beta carotene and anthocyanins, which protect the body from free radicals.

Recent studies have also found that dried dates can alter the body’s estrogen metabolism, and therefore may prevent breast cancer.

How to choose? Dried jujube itself sweet, should choose natural sugar and artificial color. People with diabetes or who are trying to control their weight should not eat it.

Whole wheat biscuit

Whole wheat is not only high in dietary fiber and satiety, but also the best source of oryzanol and lignin, which can reduce the incidence of hormone-related cancers, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. 

What choice? Look at the nutrition label and make sure that the biscuits you buy are whole wheat flour and don’t be fooled by the marketing terms of the merchant.

Cranberry stem

A large number of studies have shown that cranberries can cure urinary tract infections. 

A study by Cornell University in the United States has found that cranberries inhibit the proliferation of breast cancer cells. The study, published in an English journal, also found that cranberries can improve symptoms of prostate cancer. 

What choice? Choose dried cranberries with less sugar. In particular, avoid adding high fructose syrup, otherwise it may hurt the liver and kidney.


In daily life, the majority of friends must always be alert to the occurrence of cancer, actively do a good job of cancer prevention and anti-cancer work, and strive to stay away from cancer, healthy and happy to enjoy a good life!

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