These 5 things, can you do after all in lactation?

In order to keep their babies healthy, lactating mothers often worry too much about eating and doing things.

  • The doctor denied me coffee, saying I couldn’t drink it while breast-feeding, but I couldn’t quit!
  • The husband want to make love, but I still lactation, can not too good?
  • ……

Well, today Howtobehealth helps you sort out some common lactation problems.

Can you have sex while breastfeeding?

The good news is that, physiologically speaking, after 4 to 6 weeks, a woman’s body has recovered enough to make love.

Some dads start repressing themselves from the time their wives are pregnant (it’s not really necessary, they can safely have sex during pregnancy), and now that their wives are finally in labor, they will definitely want to have sex.

But are you sure your wife will want to have sex with you at this time?

Suddenly there’s an extra baby. Your wife needs to think about feeding, diapers, sleeping, clothes…

Although her body has recovered, your wife has put all her energy into the baby.

So it’s not that you can’t have sex while breastfeeding, it’s that many mothers don’t want to have sex. Fathers, please be considerate. Taking care of the baby is not for the mother alone.

Additional, do not think lactation period does not have menstruation to need not use contraceptive, a lot of women are in postpartum before menstruation of the first time comes, restore oviposit. Therefore, necessary contraceptive measures are still necessary.

Can lactation period fitness?

Some mothers just gave birth to the baby can’t wait to restore the figure through exercise, but there is a saying that lactation mothers can’t exercise, especially can’t do intense sports, or it will secrete too much lactic acid, let breast milk taste.

This may sound plausible at first, but research shows that:

  • Moderate physical activity does not increase lactate production in breast milk.
  • Although high levels of exercise temporarily raise lactate levels in breast milk, they return to pre-exercise levels after a short break.

So ah, do not think oneself jump hold a slow run to be able to let breast milk become “yoghurt”, mothers who like sports at ordinary times are in lactation still can have sports to take exercise.

Can lactation drink coffee?

We don’t recommend drinking coffee while breastfeeding, but if you really need it, it’s acceptable to drink no more than 2-3 cups a day.

Studies have shown that even when breastfeeding mothers drink coffee, very little caffeine gets into their babies through breast milk.

After all, every baby is different. If you find your baby is upset after drinking coffee, cut down on the amount or choose decaffeinated coffee.

In addition to coffee, tea, chocolate, cola and other foods also contain caffeine, but in moderation is no problem.

Can lactation catch hair or perm?

Who do not want to give birth to a child because of unkempt, if you can do a hair care, I believe that every mother will not refuse.

But there is a saying that hair dye contains a lot of chemicals, will have a bad effect on the baby, ah… Why is mom so tired?

In fact, perm hair dye chemicals almost never enter the blood through the scalp, let alone affect breast milk.

However, although the dyeing and perming of the baby has no impact, dyeing and perming, or pay attention to the selection of regular qualified products, do a good job in allergy protection.

Can you do X – ray examination during lactation?

You may need an X-ray during lactation if you need a physical examination at work, or if you need to see a dentist. So the question is, can an x-rayed breast produce normal milk?

It’s a lovely concern, but a normal dose of x-rays will have no effect on breasts or breast milk.

Because the radiation from the X-ray was instantaneous, there was no residual in the mother’s body, and even if the contrast agent injected through the blood vessels was used during the examination, there was no need to worry about the effect of the contrast agent on the milk.

As to magnetic resonance, B exceeds need not worry more, these two kinds of examination do not have radiate!

But if you need a radioisotope scan, you have to make a decision based on the facts. There are many types of radioactive isotopes with great differences. Please consult your doctor before examination.


In a word, nursing mothers need to be careful, but there is no need to be too cautious, suspicious, and add to their troubles.

As a father, want to know the knowledge of some lactation more, share the responsibility that takes care of a little baby more, a little bit less to lactation mom strictness and requirement.

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