Is coffee drunk much can you cause breast cancer? Can lactation drink coffee?

Coffee and breast cancer

I think the biggest concern is: Does drinking too much coffee cause breast cancer?

In fact, as early as 2008, the Beijing maternity hospital of capital medical university did a study on diet and breast cancer incidence. The results showed that the incidence of breast cancer of coffee drinkers was no different from that of non-coffee drinkers, or even slightly lower than that of non-coffee drinkers.

This is the complete opposite of many online theories that coffee causes cancer.

In the latest article published by the authoritative journal Breast Cancer in 2015, a study gathered 23 research centers in 10 European coffee consuming countries including Germany, Britain, Switzerland and Spain, totaling more than 300,000 people. After 20 years of data statistics, the final conclusion was reached:

Whether coffee drinks contain caffeine or not is not directly related to breast cancer risk; Even postmenopausal women who drank coffee had a lower risk of breast cancer.

Coffee with lobular hyperplasia

Compared with breast cancer, women are more likely to develop lobular hyperplasia.

  • First of all, again, most lobular hyperplasia of the breast is not necessarily related to breast cancer;
  • Secondly, the degree of pain and severity of lobular hyperplasia were not related.
  • Its 3, coffee is not the prime criminal that causes lobular hyperplasia, can calculate at best only “accomplice”.

If you’ve been in poor health recently and have chest pain before your period, suggest a low-fat diet and cut back on caffeine-rich foods like coffee, cola, tea, and chocolate.

Can lactation drink coffee?

Mothers have refrained from drinking coffee since they were pregnant. Can you drink coffee during lactation?

My attitude is: you can drink coffee in moderation during lactation.

According to scientific studies, two to three cups of coffee a day (less than 300 mg of caffeine per day) is safe for both mom and baby.

Milk has its own protective barrier, and very little caffeine actually enters the milk. But premature or sick baby’s intestinal development is not mature, young liver metabolism is poor, may cause damage.

Of course the opportunity that drinks coffee also has very exquisite, had better be in the interval time that nurse drinks coffee. This helps to avoid the peak of caffeine concentration in the body. When the next feeding has been basic metabolism, the minimum impact on the baby.

But then again, every baby is different, and even small amounts of caffeine can cause irritability.

Of course the mother rest assured, this is only caffeine “excitatory effect”, the metabolism of the baby will be back to normal, the child’s physical and intellectual development are not affected.

If you have to, try decaf!

Can I have more coffee?

With all the good things to say about coffee, is it possible to drink extra coffee every day?

Of course not!

Coffee lovers know that coffee has a significant diuretic effect, which is significant. The other effect of coffee is the stimulant effect of caffeine, often some people will be over-excited after drinking, but this will not cause health problems, feel uncomfortable friends can not drink, but drink it also need not be nervous.

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