What are the criteria for a high quality breakfast (a low GI breakfast)?

Obviously just get up, full of energy, eat breakfast and not for a while drowsy, study or work also began to be inefficient, this is why? 

Have you ever had this experience? Obviously just get up, full of energy, not long after breakfast and drowsy, study or work also began to inefficient. Don’t panic, it’s not that you haven’t slept enough, it’s that you haven’t eaten right. 

According to a study published in the American Journal of Psychology, eating foods with a low glycemic index (GI) for breakfast helps improve your ability to learn. In the study, the researchers found that students who ate foods with a low GI for breakfast performed better between 8 and 10:30, while those who did not eat fared the worst. 

However, it has also been reported that a Cambridge professor reversed diabetes by skipping breakfast! In fact, this phenomenon is also related to the breakfast food GI value. In addition, in addition to learning inefficiency, “low quality” breakfast may also lead to low work efficiency, easy to starve, fatigue, exercise or mobility is also reduced. 

All of this is related to the GI value of breakfast food.

Why eat food with a low GI value for breakfast?

The glycemic index (GI) is an indicator of the degree to which foods are graded according to the extent to which they affect blood sugar levels. After eating, for a certain period of time, the smaller the impact on blood glucose fluctuations, the lower the glycemic index value (GI), and vice versa.

For breakfast, choose foods with a lower GI value. The sugar in the food is released slowly, allowing us to not only feel full in the morning, but also be able to think clearly and concentrate all the time, and can better cope with the morning’s work, study and exercise.

What is a low GI breakfast? 

In general, GI values refer to the fluctuations in blood sugar after a single food is eaten, but in most cases, we do not have only one food in a meal. 

When a meal contains a variety of foods, blood sugar fluctuations should be taken into account. 

In general, however, a healthy breakfast should include the following:

  • Starch-rich staple foods: common whole grains, potato and related products. 
  • Rich in high quality protein food: such as eggs, soybeans and soy products (soybean milk, etc.), milk, all kinds of lean meat and so on. 
  • Foods that contain minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber: fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.

Low GI Breakfast recommended

Whole wheat bread + peanut butter / avocado butter / chickpea puree + vegetables such as tomatoes + low fat or skim milk / black coffee + fruit + eggs. 

Choose your favorite whole-wheat bread (such as whole-wheat toast, whole-wheat soft bread, etc.) and spread it with peanut butter, guacamole, or hummus instead of butter. It’s delicious and healthy. 

In addition, peanuts, avocados are high in fat content, recommended with low-fat / skim milk or black coffee. 

If you are free, make a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, various berries and nonfat yogurt. If time is tight, add a few slices of lettuce and tomato slices to your bread and take a fruit with you.

Thick Milk Oatmeal + Fruit + eggs + Nuts. 

Cook oatmeal with milk or soy milk while steaming an egg and washing fruit. Add some unsalted grilled almond / sesame / roasted flaxseed to the porridge when the oatmeal is almost ready. A simple, low GI breakfast is ready.

Steamed buns + whole grains porridge / soybean milk / yogurt + nuts a handful + eggs. 

Steamed buns can choose higher vegetarian content of the vegetarian bag, such as shepherd’s purse egg bag, carrot fungus bag, mushroom rape bag, bean curd steamed buns, etc., are better choices. 

In addition, meat buns can choose the varieties with relatively low fat content, such as pork scallion buns, beef scallion buns, etc., such as Steamed Bun Stuffed with Braised Pork in Sauce, ribs buns and so on, which are high in fat content and can be eaten occasionally. 

If you choose vegetarian steamed buns, you can choose milk or yogurt with high-quality protein to increase the high-quality protein content in a meal; if you choose meat steamed buns, you can choose soybean milk with lower fat content, mixed grain paste, miscellaneous grain porridge, and so on. Control the total number of calories in a meal.

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