Should you eat egg whites or yolks?

Egg yolk or egg white, which is better?

Some people eat eggs, like to avoid the yolk only eat egg white, some people on the contrary, eat egg yolk instead of egg white, then the question is, which is more nutritional value of egg white or egg yolk? Should you eat egg whites or albumen?

Although eggs are so common and inconspicuous, there are really a lot of problems, and everyone has made a mistake.

Is egg whites full of protein and egg yolks full of fat?

Many people have this misconception, especially many fitness enthusiasts, strictly follow the “eat only one egg yolk and more than 10 proteins a day” low-fat high-protein diet. But in fact…

Egg yolks actually contain protein, too, and are even higher than egg whites!

Because egg white moisture is more, yolk is drier, the protein in albumen contains 11.0% about, and egg yolk contains 17.5%. One large egg of ordinary size:

  • For the protein portion of one egg, you can get up to 3.8 grams of protein.
  • You can get up to 2.5 grams of protein from just the yolk of an egg.

And the amino acid composition of egg whites and yolks, are almost perfect, easy to use by the human body.

Yolk high fat, high cholesterol, can not eat?

Albumen contains almost no fat, almost 98% of the fat in an egg is concentrated in the yolk, and the yolk of an egg contains about 5 grams of fat.

However, the nutritional advantage of egg yolks is therefore much higher than that of egg whites.

  • Yolk has good phosphorus, calcium, iron and other minerals;
  • Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K and most of the B vitamins, mainly in the yolk;
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin, which are good for eyesight, and lecithin and betaine, which are good for preventing chronic diseases, are also in the yolk.

Cholesterol goes with fat. An egg contains about 200 milligrams of cholesterol (all in the yolk, of course).

Cholesterol sounds terrible, but it is also the nutrition the human body needs. In the past, we used to say, “do not eat more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day.” this is due to the need to control blood cholesterol.

At present the domestic and foreign nutrition circles all agree that eats into the body the cholesterol to the blood cholesterol level influence is not big already did not limit the cholesterol.

Therefore, although the egg yolk is not as soft as protein, delicate taste, but if only eat egg yolk, it is not cost-effective.

Matters needing attention in eating eggs. 

Yolk or albumen? The answer is actually very simple: eat all, the best. 

When cooking try to choose less oil, low temperature, exposure to the air for a short time. Yeah, that’s the easiest way to boil an egg. 

1. If somebody tells you “egg yolk, albumen is difficult to consume”, want you to change to eat other even albumen powder, that is ill-intentioned certainly. 

Because the amino acid composition of the egg is perfect, protein, fat is very easy to be absorbed by the human body. 

Whether it is a child or teenager in the growth and development stage, or a pregnant or nursing mother, or a weak and malnourished patient, all can enjoy the nutritional benefits brought by eggs. It is good to eat one whole egg a day. 

2. Even the “four high” patients with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood lipids, high uric acid, eat one a day is no problem. 

In addition to the high quality of protein, eggs are not high in sodium, sugar is also very little, purine is also very low. 

Even if you eat more than two, that’s fine, because it depends on your overall diet and what other foods you eat. 

3. Egg allergy people, not suitable for eating eggs. 

Eggs are identified by the World Health Organization as one of the eight foods that cause allergies in humans, and they are more common in infants and young children under the age of 3 to 5. 

If you have a history of allergies, you should avoid eggs and all kinds of foods that contain egg ingredients. 

4. Cholecystitis patient, should eat the egg yolk as little as possible. 

Cholecystitis patients must limit cholesterol intake, not only to try to eat less egg yolk, but also eat less animal fat. 

It is advisable to choose soy products rich in dietary fiber and steroids as the main source of dietary protein.

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