These uses of breast milk: is it really effective?

We know that breast milk is the best nutritious food for babies, and it also contains more immune ingredients that can help babies fight off all kinds of bacterial and viral infections. 

But how can such a good thing be wasted? So a lot of people come up with all sorts of weird uses: 

  • Made of handmade soap to wash and whiten the face; 
  • Apply to treat eczema and diaper rash. 
  • Dripping into the eyes and ears for the treatment of infections. 
  • Sold to other people to drink. 

Is this really going to work? Let’s talk about it today.

Made into handmade soap to wash a baby’s face?

Over the years, people have been more or less worried about the products on the market, but this diy breast milk soap is particularly popular.

The reason is that breast milk soap is safe to add, but also whitening effect. As a matter of fact, this is of little use.

First of all, in the manual breast-milk soap production process will add lye, we know that the most afraid of nutrients is the alkaline substances, coupled with some manual soaps in the process of making a long heating mixing, then there are few nutrients left. It’s no different from regular soap.

Secondly, in order to make handmade soap appear beautiful color and fragrance, will add additional pigment and flavor, these ingredients for our baby has a certain degree of irritation.

Third, some merchants sell finished handmade breast-milk soaps, which are photographed to prove that the breast-milk is not any other substance. But the source of this breast milk, the mother’s health, whether there are infectious diseases and other information are not known, this product you really dare to use it?

Finally, even if the artificial breast milk soap does not add any, but how to preserve? How long is the shelf life?

We know that breast milk contains bacteriostatic ingredients, but at 25 ℃ room temperature can not exceed 4 hours, even if the refrigerator can not be more than 4 days, how to guarantee storage for one year?

Conclusion: the method of making breast milk into handmade soap is not reliable!

As for whitening, we’ll talk about it next.

Can breast milk whiten, alleviate sunburn? 

Whether breast milk soap can whiten the key depends on whether breast milk has this effect. In fact, breast milk, like milk, does not contain any whitening ingredients, which contain nutrients are also large molecular substances, simply can not pass through the protective barrier of the skin. So if you want to whiten, you’d better find another way. 

As for the relief of sunburn, but after the skin sunburn, the use of cold breast milk face, can play the role of cooling and contraction of the capillaries, so that the skin does not look so red. 

If you switch to cold water, you’ll find the effect is the same. And for the baby, early sun protection is the most important. 

Conclusion: breast milk whitening, sunburn relief is not reliable!

Breast milk treatment diaper rash?

Experiments have shown that breast milk has a similar effect of hydrocortisone, in the treatment of diaper rash has indeed been effective. But there are also studies showing that breast milk treatment is less effective than breech cream, especially moderate and severe diaper rash. As a result, no firm conclusions can be drawn.

Since there is no harm in applying red pp to breast milk, it is okay to try it. However, note that the skin should be thoroughly cleaned, and then smeared breast milk, and the use of patting action to avoid irritation of friction. Don’t wear diapers until breast milk is completely dry.

In addition, if diaper rash at the same time infected with yeast, you must not use breast milk, or it will aggravate the infection.

Conclusion: breast milk can be used to treat diaper rash.

Does breast milk treat inflammation of ear ministry, eye ministry?

Although colostrum contains higher antibodies, with a certain degree of bacteriostasis, but its effect can not really be compared with antibiotics.

Although non-bacterial causes of disease or self-healing ear eye disease dripping into breast milk is also harmless. However, if the use of antibiotics at the time of resistance to drugs, such as conjunctivitis continued to increase the situation of 5 days and so on, thinking only breast milk effective, may delay the disease.

Conclusion: breast milk treatment of ear, eye inflammation, can not replace antibiotics, and may even delay the disease!

Clean the eschar with breast milk? 

Eschar also known as infant seborrheic dermatitis, the cause is not clear, that may be related to hormone stimulation in the mother’s body. In fact, the eschar is only to make you look uncomfortable, will not cause discomfort to the baby. So there’s no need to be anxious. 

Although breast milk contains a certain amount of fat, it has no effect on cleaning the eschar. And it has a sticky feel on it. 

Du Ma suggested that you should wash your hair with shampoo. If the eschar is really too thick to clean up, apply vegetable oil or baby oil one day in advance, and brush gently the next day with a soft bristle toothbrush. 

Conclusion: it is not reliable to clean the eschar with breast milk.

Breast milk for eczema? 

Breast milk for the treatment of eczema has also been related to the study that breast milk on mild to moderate eczema has a certain effect because of the presence of specific and non-specific passive immune protection factors. But the research data is too small to be used as a recommendation. 

In addition, there are many reasons to cause eczema, if it is due to dairy allergies caused by eczema, or eczema exudate, secondary infection, smear breast milk but aggravate the disease. 

It is important to note that eczema babies are also very sensitive to soap, not recommended for the baby to use manual breast milk soap ha, the ingredients may cause irritation, aggravating eczema. 

Therefore, eczema baby is still a good moisturizing, if necessary, as directed medication, daily cleaning choice of water or low-sensitivity wash care products, is the most sensible. 

Conclusion: breast milk is not recommended for the treatment of eczema.

Bottom line

Breast milk itself is the baby is born with the rations, let him enjoy his own food bar, really do not need to open up so many wonderful uses.


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