All this “medical knowledge” you think is false, don’t be fooled again!

We often see a large amount of health care information through various means. 

However, there are a lot of people are accustomed to the “medical common sense” are deceiving people. 

Here are some very common health common sense that you need to revisit.

Can cold medicine treat a cold? It only relieves the symptoms! 

Cold came such as mountain pour, must eat cold medicine in time?This is a misunderstanding of cold medicine. The truth is: eating a cold just relieves the symptoms. 

The White Paper on colds released in 2010 by the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health states: 

  • First, colds are caused by viruses, more than 100 of which can cause colds; there is no antiviral cold medicine for cold viruses in the world. 
  • Second, cold medicine can not treat colds, because cold drugs can not kill the virus, can kill the virus, only the human immune system. 
  • Third, the symptoms of a cold will last about a week, whether taking medicine or not, will automatically heal. 

Therefore, we usually take their own cold medicine is the main effect is to ease the symptoms, that is, let you feel better, but can not shorten the course of disease. 

Therefore, after suffering from the common cold, do not need special treatment, as long as the attention to warmth, rest, basically can heal itself. If drugs are abused, they will do harm to the body. Of course, if it is difficult to tolerate stuffy nose, cough symptoms, you can use symptomatic drugs to ease.

Can brown sugar red jujube fill blood? It’s a misunderstanding. 

In recent years, brown sugar has been packaged as an “artifact of health”, and more women like it. Add ginger juice, longan, red jujube health brown sugar, is more popular. However, the truth of the matter is: you may have been deceived for years! 

Brown sugar is unrefined sugar, which contains up to 96. 6% sugar and contains very few minerals, including iron. It’s not a good idea to use brown sugar to replenish the blood. Drinking brown sugar water, at most, is to give you lack of energy to supplement the essential sugar. 

Although red jujube red, but the iron content of red jujube is not high. The iron content in dry jujube is probably 2 mg / 100g, fresh jujube is lower, only 1.2 mg / 100g, and the iron in jujube is difficult to absorb. Similarly, the sugar content of jujube is also relatively high. 

Real iron food: red meat, including pork, beef, mutton, red meat, animal blood, animal liver and so on.

Massage lymphatic detoxification? There is no scientific basis. 

Nowadays, many beauty and health clubs have “lymphatic detoxification” projects, claiming that massage lymphatic beauty, and even play a detoxification treatment effect. However, experts believe that lymphatic detoxification is a false concept, not only can not play the so-called “detoxification”, massage is not good but will also bring harm. 

The so-called lymphatic detoxification, there is no scientific basis. 

When a virus invades a part of the body, the lymphocytes in the nearby lymph gland (node) use their immune function to protect the body against foreign germs. At this point, lymph nodes will appear swelling, pain, inflammation and other symptoms. 

When the germs are cleared, the inflammation disappears and the lymphoid mass shrinks naturally. Through simple guidance and the so-called massage techniques, it is impossible to completely eliminate the toxins of the body.

Can massage alleviate cervical spondylosis? It’s an illusion. 

Cervical spondylosis is a common disease of the elderly over 65 years old, although vigorous massage, patients will feel more comfortable in a short period of time, but the symptoms will appear soon, will accelerate the development of cervical spondylosis. 

Strong massage is not only useless, but will lead to muscle deterioration. 

Long-term vigorous massage can damage the stability of the cervical spine, accelerate the degeneration of the disc protrusion, so that the cervical spinal cord is more serious compression. 

Patients with neck discomfort within 3 to 5 days does not ease, should go to the regular hospital as soon as possible, can not be free massage.

The liver actually works every day. 

Online, some people often turn to “human detox schedule” and other posts, such as, liver, one saying is 11: 00 pm to 1:00 detox. 

Experts say that the liver is the body’s largest gland, the so-called ‘detoxification’ is in fact a biotransformation process. A variety of toxic substances with the blood into the liver, through the role of liver cells, so that toxicity is reduced, or the formation of non-toxic compounds, or the transformation of substances conducive to excretion, out of the body. 

This process, however, is not working behind closed doors, but detoxifying as the blood flows, and the toxic substances are constantly transported to the liver by the blood, which is a process of constant circulation. So there’s no saying that the liver doesn’t work until 11:00 to 1 in the morning. 

In other words, the liver is also working 24 hours a day, whenever it is needed. However, staying up late will increase the burden on the liver, and good sleep is a good medicine to protect the liver.

Drink wine before bed to help you sleep? Red wine is also carcinogenic. 

“drinking a glass of red wine a day can protect your heart and blood vessels and help you sleep. “A lot of people have heard that. The truth is that red wine also contains alcohol, and the amount of alcohol red wine accumulates is not good for health, but is bad for the liver. So whether alcohol comes from white wine, beer or red wine, the consequences are the same. 

Experts say there is no recommendation in the dietary guidelines for countries to drink red wine every day. Even if red wine contains polyphenols that are good for the heart, the health community is not advocating red wine for everyone, and there is no evidence that red wine prolongs life. 

Moreover, the World Health Organization has classified alcohol (and alcoholic beverages) as the first category of carcinogen. From a health perspective, the simplest and most effective way for everyone to maintain their health is not to drink alcohol.

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