How to improve your health by walking

Walking is something we do and must do every day. We all know that walking is good for our health, but do you know how to walk is good for your health? Are you sure you’re going the right way? 

Regular walking is the only way to be healthy

It’s not as if walking is good for the body, but studies have shown that regular walking is the only way to exercise different parts of the body.Regular walking can make the mood become pleasant, can increase lung capacity, smokers can also reduce the desire to smoke, can strengthen our back muscle strength, enhance the bone and muscle strength of the legs and feet. 

Of course, in addition to these, walking is good for the health of all parts of the body. 

  • Walking can make our heart beat slowly and forcefully, strengthen the function of the heart and eliminate some symptoms of heart ischemia. 
  • Walking can also reduce the likelihood of our blood vessels rupturing, increasing the elasticity of our blood vessels; 
  • Walking can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase our appetite, and walking on the prevention of hypertension, diabetes and obesity are good effects; 
  • Walking outside allows us to breathe fresh air, make our brain more awake, thinking will become flexible, but also can ease the tension of mood; 
  • Walking can reduce the accumulation of all kinds of fat and cholesterol in the body, let us keep the perfect shape; 
  • Walking can not only exercise, improve our own immunity, long-term adherence to words can also prolong life.

How to walk correctly? 

Walking is not just walking on the road. We also need a little preparation if we want to walk for the best effect. 

Before walking, we need to prepare a pair of comfortable shoes that can protect our feet from injury, wear a suit of sportswear that is conducive to doing some activities, of course, it is best to bring a bottle of water, you can add water in time. 

Different walking methods have different effects on different diseases.

Walking can prevent disease

If you keep walking fast for a period of time every day, you can prevent stroke and Alzheimer’s. 

In order to achieve the effect of exercise, it is recommended to walk at least 40 minutes a day to 1 hour, time can also be gradually strengthened according to their physique. 

When you feel a little bit wheezy and sweaty after a quick walk, it means you’ve reached a certain amount of exercise. 

The posture that walks quickly also should be to raise the head to hold out a bosom, should receive abdomen to lift buttock, and want double arm to swing.

Walking backwards can cure back pain

Walking backwards is actually a good way to exercise, in the past, athletes will also walk backward through the exercise to carry out the recovery of the body, walking backward can also be used at ordinary times rarely used waist and back muscles. 

For sedentary people, walking backwards can relieve physical fatigue and reduce back pain. 

However, older persons are not advised to walk backwards, as they are prone to accidents and dangers. 

Young people should also walk backwards in a suitable and safe environment.

Striding can prevent hunchbacks

As we grow older, our spine may slowly deform and become hunchback, while walking with our arms off and walking with great strides will relieve our back muscles and thus prevent hunchbacks.

Walking, running, you can lose weight

We all know that exercise can lose weight, not run to lose weight, we walk to do running alternately, the long-term adhere to the weight loss will also have a greater effect, but also to avoid we have been running too tired.

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