Can phlegm swallow? What’s the harm?

When a mouthful of sputum comes up, should we spit it out or swallow it?

Many people who do not master the skills of spitting may choose to swallow their sputum. And some people choose to spit it out.

But can phlegm be swallowed? What are the terrible consequences of swallowing phlegm?

What is the essence of phlegm?

How is phlegm formed?

Our respiratory tract mucous membrane is distributed a lot of fine cilia, cilia is also covered with a thin layer of liquid, their common role is to absorb foreign impurities when breathing, such as bacteria, dust and so on.

As the amount of mucus adhering to foreign impurities increases, they eventually gather together, stimulating the cilia to swing outward to cough the slimy mass out of the body by coughing.

And this is our common “sputum.”

The main components of sputum include: respiratory secretions, as well as the adsorption of bacteria and dust particles, it is an abnormal secretion.

If you have a respiratory disease, the number of sputum will gradually increase, we can also determine the color of sputum, the type of disease:

  • White or yellowish green sputum, is the symptom of tracheitis commonly;
  • Sputum with blood, usually found in pneumonia, tuberculosis or lung cancer;
  • Pink foamy sputum is a typical symptom of pulmonary edema;
  • If the color of the sputum is gray-black, it means that a large amount of coal ash has been adsorbed.

Accidentally swallowed the sputum, what will be the consequences?

Gooey phlegm down, the most direct consequence is-serious nausea themselves!

Generally speaking, the phlegm swallows to the stomach to be able to enter the digestive system from the respiratory system, because in the digestive system strong stomach acid can give the phlegm to decompose, therefore swallows a phlegm by mistake, generally will not bring any influence to the body.

However, sputum contains particles, bacteria are harmful to the human body, although gastric acid can kill a large number of bacteria, but this does not mean that the bacteria can be killed completely, and those who have not been killed by the “fish out of the net.” Might be able to get into the intestines of the human body, Can cause intestinal microbiota disorders and, in severe cases, may cause inflammation.

For example, patients with open TB, if swallowed sputum, TB bacilli may be infected with the intestinal tract, causing intestinal tuberculosis.

So, when a mouthful of sputum comes up, we’d better find a chance to spit it out.

Natural way to reduce phlegm. 

Drink honey and lemon tea. 

You can buy lemon tea or make your own lemon tea by adding 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to warm water. The acidity of lemon tea will break down the mucus, adding a tablespoon of honey can help to moisturize the throat. 

Eat spicy food. 

Anyone who has eaten mustard knows that a little bit will make your nose run out of control. Spicy foods, such as peppers and horseradish, are natural decongestants that can help spread irritating phlegm. 

Drink warm liquids. 

Whether it’s tea or chicken soup, warm liquids nourish the body and help break down phlegm stuck in the throat. 

Rinse your mouth with salt water. 

Dissolve half a tablespoon of salt in a cup of lukewarm water, then tilt your head back and gargle with warm water. 

Eating toast. 

It takes the sputum down at the same time it eats the toast. Toast can gently rub your throat and help remove phlegm. 

Drink plenty of water. 

If your body produces a lot of sputum, it’s probably because the body is trying to get rid of bacteria, which means your immune system is overburdened. So your job is to give the body the water it needs. 

Drink a spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar. 

The strong vinegar taste may have to be tolerated, but it works very well. Swallow your throat as quickly as you can, then wait 5-10 seconds. If you still have a strong vinegar flavor, you can drink some water.

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