5 side effects of ketogenic diet

Weight loss this small matter, has become one of the topics of most concern to contemporary women.

Girls eager to lose weight, the desire to thin down to have the devil’s body, but the weight loss process is easy to be frustrated.

So is it really hard to lose weight? In recent years, a ketogenic diet weight loss method was born, once became the object of many female stars. So is this really a good way to lose weight?

What are the side effects of ketogenic diet?

Ketogenic diet: no restriction

Ketogenic diet is the energy substance produced by the body “ketone” elements to provide heat, adhere to the consumption of animal protein, not to supplement carbohydrates, the consumption of protein through the human body to replace the energy provided by carbohydrates. So as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Therefore, compared with dieting or exercise to lose weight, ketogenic diet to lose weight is much better, in the process of losing weight without suffering the pain of hunger, eating meat also do not have to avoid, but also to achieve the effect of weight loss. Why don’t people do it!

Ketogenic diet: side effects

Ketone weight loss is not entirely applicable to all physique of the population, there are still some risks can not be ignored.


If you’re a longtime meat eater, a ketogenic diet isn’t very effective for you either, because your body is used to making the most of fat.

On the contrary, carbohydrates as the main food lovers, weight loss effect will be obvious, but the intake of carbohydrates restraint needs a lot of perseverance to adhere to, self-control is not strong people easy binge eating, resulting in weight rebound.


When the human body just entered the ketogenic state, it has not yet fully adapted.

During the adaptation period, many organs will be overwhelmed if they begin not to ingest the corresponding carbohydrates. No glucose consumes energy, the body water storage greatly reduced, the lack of glycogen, the body lost a lot of water.

The problem of hair loss is aggravated

Hair loss caused by a ketogenic diet is often inevitable. As a result of the change on food, human body function also can produce change subsequently, what appear most easily is the alopecia problem that causes because of metabolism and hormone.

Alopecia generally occurs within 4 months after entering ketogenic diet, the time is not long, but need to pay attention, try not to give themselves too much pressure, to maintain a good mentality.


The ketogenic diet causes the body to become dehydrated, which can lead to constipation. Water loss faster, coupled with the consumption of a large number of protein substances, our excreta will appear dry, hard phenomenon.

The problem of halitosis is serious

The ketogenic diet raises the “ketone” element in the body, and our breath takes away the “acetone” element, which smells bad. The promotion of “ketone” element, can make halitosis problem aggravation, affect the normal communication between people.

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