Causes of fart odor and natural treatments

The topic of farting is always embarrassing and easy for us to look down on. 

But farting, which seems like a small thing, can hide a major disease that affects our lives. In addition to eating too much food that causes farting, bowel irritability, chronic gastritis, and even colorectal cancer, which topped the top 10 cancer list for nine years in a row, are the most common causes of farting. Can cause fart to become smelly or the number of times become more! 

Let’s see what causes fart to stink. 

Japanese medical doctors point out that farts are gas produced in the intestines, which is emitted from the anus. 

The main components of fart are nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and so on. The smell is caused by the food you eat, usually 5 to 6 times a day, but it will be affected by eating habits and diseases differently, if you have too much gas in your stomach. It increases the frequency of farting.

The reason for always farting

We summed up the reasons why it is easy to cause people to fart:


In addition to entering the lungs through the trachea, the air inhaled by the human body may enter the stomach and intestines through the esophagus, especially when we eat, drink or swallow.

And gassing means that because of nasal congestion, nasal water, or nervousness, uneasiness, we are unconsciously swallowing water and other reasons, so that we can involuntarily breathe through the mouth, making the air easier to enter the stomach.

These gases entering the stomach will not only increase the number of farts, but also cause the anaerobic beneficial bacteria in the intestine to die. In severe cases, it may cause diseases such as gastroenteritis and intestinal leakage.

Eat too much food that is easy to fart

In addition to the air that enters the digestive tract due to swallowing, the digestive process itself produces gas, which can cause flatulence and make people want to fart.

Japanese dietitians list three categories of food that make people fart:

High fiber foods:

Sweet potato, beans, Korean vegetables, broccoli, cucumber, bean products, etc.

Half of the gas in the stomach is ingested, and the other half is produced by the bacteria that break down dietary fiber, so these fiber-rich vegetables increase the amount of fart we produce.

However, Oligo oligosaccharides, which are rich in foods such as Koryo and beans, can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation, but may cause a large increase in the amount of farts.


Raisins, raisin juice, apple juice, bananas, prunes, etc.

These fruits, if ingested in large quantities, can also cause an increase in the amount of fart, but each person’s constitution is different.

If you are worried about a big increase in the amount of fart, you can pay more attention to whether you have a particularly strong reaction to certain fruits.

Dairy products:

Milk, ice cream, etc.

These dairy products contain lactose, which not only makes farts easier to produce, but also causes bloating.

Holding back one's urine, one's stool and one's fart can lead to these serious consequences
Holding back one’s urine, one’s stool and one’s fart can lead to these serious consequences

Why you fart so much and stink

Eat too much fat:

Foods that contain too much fat, such as fries, meats, and baked goods, can also make fart more meaty, fart odorous, and unhealthy. It is recommended to eat less.

Eat too much meat or food with a strong taste:

Meat or strongly smelly foods can cause intestinal bacteria to release more ammonia, indole, and hydrogen sulfide when they break down food. In addition to possibly increasing the number of farts, they can also produce stronger odors.


Constipation causes feces and gas to accumulate in the intestines, and the body, in order to release these gases, causes the number of farts and the amount of gas to increase. Because the feces ferment in the body for a long time, will also make the fart odour more obvious.

Chronic gastritis:

Helicobacter pylori, pressure, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as side effects, can lead to chronic gastritis. Inflammation for a long time will lead to weak gastric mucosa, stomach function decreased, and long-term gastric hypofunction may cause indigestion, so that the amount of fart increased, smelly, and may suddenly produce stomach pain, nausea and other symptoms.

Reasons: Helicobacter pylori infection, stress, side effects of drugs, smoking, drinking, autoimmune system diseases and so on.

Symptoms: nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, chest burning, abdominal distention, increased farts, etc., may also be complicated by gastric ulcer, gastric tumor, gastric bleeding, and may even change into gastric cancer.

Bowel irritability:

Irritable bowel disease is called irritable bowel disease, also known as allergic bowel syndrome. It is because of mood, mental pressure, cause bowel peristalsis abnormity, cause abdominal pain, fall dysentery, constipation to wait for a problem.

And intestinal irritability disease can cause intestinal environment disorder, resulting in fart volume become more, become smelly.

Reason: the real cause of disease is still unknown to the medical profession. It is generally believed to be related to such factors as mood, mental stress, hormones, and so on.

Symptoms: diarrhea and constipation interaction, overeating or menstrual symptoms are particularly severe, fecal mucus, abdominal pain can be relieved after farting, nausea, chest pain, indigestion and other gastropathy symptoms.

Colorectal cancer:

It is the malignant tumor that happens in rectum or colon, when initial stage is mostly asymptomatic, difficult to detect, although bowel bleeds, also very difficult through naked eye observation faeces knows, need to undertake fecal occult blood to check regularly. Cancer of large intestine can cause constipation, let excrement accumulate in bowel, ferment, make fart become changeful stink.

Reasons: heredity, obesity, eating habits, living habits, lack of exercise, smoking, aging and so on.

Symptoms: defecation habits change, flatulence, abdominal pain, pain in the depths of the anus or strange feeling, diarrhea, constipation, diarrhea constipation alternately, blood stool, intestinal obstruction and so on.

Ways to reduce fart

Here are some ways to fight stinking fart:

Cut back on meat and strong-smelling foods

Meat and garlic are one of the main causes of fart odour. Avoiding excessive intake of these foods can improve fart odour. In addition, eating yogurt is good for improving the balance of intestinal microflora and reducing fart odour.

Avoid constipation

Avoiding constipation can also improve the size of your fart:

  • If you need to go to the bathroom, try not to hold it.
  • Get plenty of water every day (multiply your weight by 30cc).
  • Do moderate exercise and walk for 15 minutes a day.
  • Moderate intake of dietary fiber, too much dietary fiber will increase the amount of fart, too little will constipation.
  • Eating yogurt, yoghurt and so on can also improve constipation.

Relax one’s mind

Appropriate leisure such as listening to music, hot springs, exercise and other activities can relieve pressure, improve the pressure caused by intestinal gas accumulation.

Medicine and medicine

If you have chronic farting or fart odour, you should consult your doctor to see if you need medication or any other treatment.

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