Eating too hot food does great harm

If you eat too hot food in a hurry, you will burn your mouth and esophageal mucosa, which will affect you to continue eating. To ensure your health, do not rush to eat too hot food. When the food is too hot, you should wait for the food to cool down a bit before you eat it.

The human body has an optimal range for temperature, and so does the mouth.

Eating too hot food does great harm

Life is strictly defined in the evolution of the most suitable temperature. The higher the degree of evolution, the stricter the body’s requirements for temperature, and the metabolic activity is optimal at around 37 °C. In addition, human cells are less tolerant to high temperatures than low temperatures.

When the temperature of the human body is about 37 °C, the temperature of the mouth and esophagus is more than 36.5 ~ 37.2 °C, the most suitable eating temperature is about 10 ~ 40 °C, the maximum temperature that humans can tolerate is 50 ~ 60 °C. When it feels very hot, the temperature is about 70 °C.

If you eat too hot food, the oral and esophageal mucosa will be burned, and the surface of the burned mucous membrane will fall off and renew in time, and the cells on the base will rapidly proliferate, renew, and replenish. Over time, the growth rate of proliferating cells will be abnormally accelerated or mutated, leading to a bad tendency.

The harm of eating hot food

If you often eat food that is too hot, it can have the following consequences:

Eating too hot is bad for digestion and absorption.

If the food is too hot, it will lead to food in the mouth for a short period of time, chewing, stimulating saliva secretion and mixed with the process is not sufficient, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption of the diet.

High-temperature stimuli often mask the full experience of taste, making it difficult for you to taste the delicacy of food.

When the temperature of the food is around 40 ℃, your mouth can adapt.

Eating too hot can cause acute gastritis.

The person that often eats hot rice, drink hot soup, the esophagus mucous membrane that injures after necrotic, form false membrane, fall off become ulcer.

After this kind of ulcer heals, can form scar, cause esophagus narrow, the person that gets this kind of disease, often self-conscious sternum backside ache and have burning feeling, the symptom that can appear swallowing difficulty sometimes, still can cause acute simple gastritis.

Eating too hot is easy to cause esophageal cancer.

Long-term consumption of too hot food, easy to cause esophageal mucosal epithelial damage, induced many lesions.

The most important thing is that when the epithelium of the mucous membrane is stimulated by hot food for a long time, it will be difficult to heal, and the disease will easily break out again and again, and eventually lead to canceration, which will become esophageal cancer.

Stomach cancer caused by overheated diet.

Long-term too hot diet, but also easy to damage the gastric mucosa, easy to cause gastritis, gastric ulcer, and easy to make gastric mucosa compensatory accelerated proliferation, resulting in canceration.

In particular, eat too hot fried food, because fried food itself may contain some carcinogenic substances, when the gastric mucosa is damaged, these carcinogens are more likely to enter the human body, greatly increasing the incidence of gastric cancer.

Other diseases.

Overheated diets can also lead to many other diseases, such as oral mucosal ulcers, thermosensitive toothache, and so on.

Also causes the tongue body taste bud to suffer the damage, the taste sensitivity drops, chews the food to be difficult to taste the fragrance.

If the esophageal mucosa epithelium is too hot food stimulation, may appear erosion, inflammation and other adverse symptoms.

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