Why is cancer difficult to find early?

Why are there more and more cancers? Why do some cancers find out in the late stage, how should we prevent it? Let’s take a look at science for everyone today.


Why are some cancers found to be advanced?

In most people’s minds, cancer is often synonymous with “end-of-life”. The scarcity of cancer stems from people’s fear of incurable diseases. In fact, the truth of cancer is far more complicated than the above understanding.

From the point of view of the disease, cancer is actually a large family of dozens of diseases. From the top of the head to the toes, from the internal organs to the skin, all parts of the body may be visited by cancer. Scientists are investigating various cancers in the population. After the incidence rate, it is estimated that the average life expectancy, the probability of cancer in each person’s life is more than 1/3!

Cancer is a common disease. It has a large impact, many victims, and a cure that is enough to rank it at the forefront of the human disease list.

Although cancer is very common, the occurrence of cancer is in the dark. It is well known that the human body is composed of cells, and each cell is working diligently for the normal functioning of the body.

However, if there are certain “traitors” in normal cells, the human body will have trouble, and cancer cells are “traitors” in normal cells.

At the beginning of the cancer, a few “traitors” can’t be checked out. At this time, the body will not feel any discomfort. Until the number of these “traitors” develops into hundreds of millions of cancer tissues, they can barely be seen by the naked eye. These cancerous tissues were found to be called lesions.

Therefore, early detection of cancer lesions in internal organs is a very difficult thing, and once these symptoms appear, they often enter the middle and late stage. The “rebels” have become large scale, and it will be difficult to treat, stomach cancer, Pancreatic cancer and the like are all the same. Relatively speaking, cancers close to the body surface, such as breast cancer and skin cancer, may be easier to treat because they are easily found.

Why are more and more young people suffering from cancer?

It has something to do with lifestyle.

1. Staying up late.

Staying up late for a long time makes the body unable to rest fully, which is tantamount to making the body tense for a long time, making the sympathetic nerve hyperactive, triggering the secretion of adrenaline, and causing vasoconstriction. Over time it is easy to cause stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, a variety of chronic diseases.

And the cancer that everybody fears most, often also be these long-term bad habits and customs cause.

2. No movement.

Many people sit all day at work, lie in bed or on the couch after work, and have no time to exercise.

These bad habits lead to slow gastrointestinal movement, the body is prone to metabolic problems.

3. Diet.

Long-term like to drink cold drinks, like to eat spicy. These are very easy to harm our digestive system.

Irregular diet will also affect the normal gastrointestinal function.

4. Despising disease.

Many people feel young, resistant to go, but also can not get serious illness, do not go to the hospital.

So sometimes you miss the first sign of the disease, the best period of treatment. By the time of discovery, it was too late, and too late to repent.

Is it necessary to do a physical examination for cancer prevention?

Cancer physical examination is generally recommended once a year, but such as hepatitis B surface antigen positive physical examination (liver cancer high-risk groups), generally not once a year for screening, to six months or eight months to do a liver cancer test.

Cancer screening will pay more attention to the tumor markers in the blood, that is, the chemical substances that reflect the presence of tumors, their existence or quantitative changes can indicate the nature of the tumor.

Once the levels of tumor markers in the blood rise, it does indicate a health problem.

For example, prostate cancer, liver cancer and so on, they are highly specific cancer, tumor markers will reflect the existence of cancer. But at the same time, it is worth noting that this can not be determined is suffering from cancer, need to do targeted tests again, the most accurate and effective detection of cancer only pathological examination.

If the value of tumor markers continues to rise, it is suspected that the development of cancer, should be combined with further examination to find the cause, if necessary, through pathological examination to determine the diagnosis.

If is cancer patient after the operation discovery marker heightens continuously, want to consider the possibility of relapse. However, sometimes, even if the tumor markers are not high, does not mean that ruled out the possibility of cancer.

Health physical examination is a process of screening diseases from large to small. After finding problems, the scope of the disease will be gradually reduced, and the disease will be identified.

Regarding the physical examination everybody must treat rationally, pays attention to the doctor prompt when the examination, cooperates positively. Take the initiative to inform the doctor of your physical condition, health status, family history, medical history and so on, to increase targeted physical examination, and according to the report of the physical examination to consult the doctor whether further treatment is required.

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