Can humans be infected with the “plague of pigs in Africa”?

What was the sudden outbreak of swine fever in Africa? Does classical swine fever infect people? Can pork be eaten normally? How can we prevent and control the epidemic of classical swine fever in Africa?

Since August, three places in China, Shenyang, Zhengzhou and Lianyungang, have been affected by the outbreak of classical swine fever in Africa. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural areas of the people’s Republic of China immediately issued a Class II alert for African swine fever after the country’s first case of African swine fever was confirmed in Shenyang New District of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, on August 3.

As the situation continues to escalate, the news on the Internet that classical swine fever in Africa can eat people’s lives is also getting worse and worse. We are most concerned about the question is, African swine fever in the end is the sudden outbreak of how? Does classical swine fever infect people? Can pork be eaten normally?


How on earth is African swine fever produced?

As the name suggests, African swine fever, originally born in Africa, has been widespread in African countries since it was discovered in 1921.

African swine fever is an acute and highly infectious disease caused by a viral virus. Although the course of disease is short, the fatality rate is 100%.

The African swine fever virus, which can survive in several types of cytoplasm, enters pigs through the mouth and upper respiratory systems of pigs, where it can become infected in the nasopharynx or tonsils. The virus can quickly spread to the lower jaw lymph nodes, and through the lymph nodes and blood throughout the body.

African pig plague virus incubation period is generally in 4-19 days, once the disease, infected pigs will appear in the phenomenon of death.

Can humans be infected with African swine fever?

This issue is a key issue in causing public panic, after the outbreak, the country will carry out more stringent plague detection and preventive measures at home.

The root cause of African classical swine fever is classical swine fever virus, and if the virus needs to survive, it must have a corresponding host. Whether the virus can infect the host is determined by the host’s cell receptor. The human cellular receptor is not a suitable host for African swine fever virus (ASFV).

As a result, African swine fever can only be transmitted among pigs, it is not a zoonotic disease.

Can pork still eat at ease?

The outbreak of classical swine fever in Africa has also affected the brands of meat products frequently purchased by some citizens. There is also a lot of circulation on the network will be a certain brand of pork products off the shelves of the news.

African swine fever virus exists in pigs, but it can be inactivated under the condition of “60 ℃ + 30 minutes”.

The proposal everybody must buy the pork from the regular channel, and under the full heating condition edible. It is worth noting that some unheated cured pork may also carry the virus. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the choice of pickled pork.

How to deal with the epidemic situation of CSFV in Africa reasonably? 

At present, in the world, there is still no vaccine that can effectively prevent African swine fever, but high temperature, disinfectant can effectively kill the virus, so do a good job in farm biosafety protection is the key to prevent and control African classical swine fever.

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