What kind of disease is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis, the course of disease is longer, there is a tendency to relapse, and some cases almost never heal.

The onset of the disease is mainly in young adults, which has a greater impact on the physical health and mental status of patients.

Clinical manifestations of erythema, scale-based, systemic can be onset, to the scalp, limb extension is more common, more in winter aggravation.


Many people think that psoriasis is just a skin disease, in fact, it is wrong.

This is like a beautiful round apple, although only a small piece of black on the skin, but inside may have started to rot.

Psoriasis is the same, although the symptoms in the skin, but because the whole body is connected, so there may be problems inside the body. As a result, psoriasis is not only unsightly, there will be a series of more serious lesions.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease.

Take commonly “tinea” the disease of the word, it is by fungus or bacterium infection cause, very difficult to treat, still can infect, for instance, tinea, tinea cruris, tinea corporis.

But don’t get the wrong idea about psoriasis, which is also called psoriasis, but is not contagious, because psoriasis is not caused by infection, but an autoimmune disease. Chronic skin inflammation caused by improper reactions of immune cells in the body.

The most common symptoms of psoriasis are dandruff, film, and bleeding. Most people start with a rash the size of a needle or mung bean, often on the back of the scalp, back of the hand, and in front of the leg.

And then these little rashes will grow up or grow together. The surface of the rash is white dandruff, dandruff off, the skin will be a layer of film, a little touch may be bleeding.

In addition, some psoriasis patients will also appear joint symptoms, the most common performance is the fingers, toes, small joints appear red and swollen, pain, a long time will be deformed, stiff. This is similar to the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, easily misdiagnosed, so more professional examination is required.

In rare cases of psoriasis caused by improper medication, the skin of the patient is almost entirely red, like an ocean rapidly occupied by red algae.

Prevention of Psoriasis recurrence.

Psoriasis occurs mostly in young adults and women before and after pregnancy, its incidence follows a certain law and cycle, similar to the ebb and flow of the tide, divided into progression, regression and recurrence.

Although the acute episode of psoriasis can be smeared hormones and anti-inflammatory drugs, but unfortunately, there is no radical cure of psoriasis drugs, so we can do is to pay attention to prevention, so that we can try to lengthen the interval between each relapse of psoriasis.

Attention should be paid to the following points in the prevention and treatment:

Adjust one’s state of mind.

Is the so-called skin is the expression of psychological activity organs, mental stress is a common pathogenesis of psoriasis one of the factors. A lot of young people are very tired at work originally, after knowing oneself to have psoriasis, suffer the influence of traditional idea to be more likely to be anxious, depressed, should notice at this time with normal heart treat, combine work and rest, do not want excessive nervous.

Prevention of infection.

Although psoriasis is not caused by infection, but the bacterial infection of other tissues and organs can induce psoriasis, so there is a recurrence risk of people to try to avoid colds, tonsillitis, pharyngitis and other upper respiratory tract infections; Do not eat clean food to prevent enteritis and diarrhea. Once sick should be active and timely treatment, to avoid aggravating psoriasis.

Don’t scratch.

Psoriasis is prone to breakage, so bathe in warm water instead of rubbing it hard. Force peeling dandruff can cause local infection, make course of disease prolongs not to be cured.

Don’t use drugs at will.

There are some common drugs that can induce disease, such as beta-blockers, antimalarial drugs, etc., so psoriasis patients should follow medical advice, not at home to take new drugs at home.

Improve one’s way of life.

  • Proper sun exposure is good for psoriasis, but avoid exposure to the sun.
  • Living conditions should be dry, ventilated and easy to bathe.
  • Change underwear in time and wear dry clothes to prevent infection of other skin diseases and aggravate the disease.

Common misunderstandings of psoriasis.

Got psoriasis to avoid?

Wrong. A lot of patients just know he is ill, ask this question, be about to say goodbye to pig beef mutton and seafood later, chili also cannot eat. There is no conclusive scientific evidence linking food to psoriasis, so a normal diet is fine.

Unless a very few patients eat a certain food after the illness aggravated, do not eat good, eat again aggravated, this time not to eat, but this is very rare.

Scalding with hot water can treat psoriasis?

Wrong. Some patients like to soak the sick skin in hot water, or wash it with detergent or soap because of itching, and others like to rub hard when taking a bath, although these methods can play a certain role in relieving itching. But it’s actually an injury to the skin.

Did you get psoriasis?

Wrong. Psoriasis does not affect people’s normal fertility, but psoriasis has a certain family aggregation, if you have psoriasis, children’s risk of disease will be higher than ordinary people.

However, people who are taking certain medications may not be suitable for conception. For example, people with psoriatic arthritis may take methotrexate, which is best used as a contraceptive during medication because of its teratogenic effect. If you have to treat a disease or give birth, you can change your medication or temporarily stop taking it for three to six months.

Can psoriasis be cured?

Wrong. Although medicine has developed rapidly, there is no cure for psoriasis. A small number of patients can be self-healing, most patients will improve after treatment, but can not guarantee that the future does not recur.

So, if you hear that there is a cure for psoriasis, it must be a lie.

Can psoriasis cause sexual dysfunction?

Wrong. Psoriasis does not directly cause male dysfunction. It is just that some people have a bad feeling about ugly psoriasis, which indirectly affects the relationship between husband and wife.

Had psoriasis had better not use hormone treatment?

Wrong. Hormones (glucocorticoids) are the most commonly used regular therapy for psoriasis worldwide, so don’t worry too much. As long as there is no artificial stimulation and regular treatment, psoriasis usually doesn’t get worse.

But doctors don’t just prescribe hormones because they have some side effects that may be combined with other medications to reduce the side effects.

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