What kind of back pain do you have?

Long-term sedentary, lack of exercise, trauma caused by muscle strain, osteoporosis, kidney stones, gynaecology and so on, lumbar pain has become a modern society frequently-occurring, common diseases.

As a result of different causes of lumbar pain, its variety is also very diverse, daily we can self-examination to determine which one, so as to symptomatic treatment.

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Be able to touch the area of pain and press it to make the pain worse:strain of the lower back muscle.

The waist muscle and waist back fascia ache, the position is relatively shallow, if feels the waist ache, moreover can feel, when presses has the ache feeling, often is the waist back fasciitis (namely the waist muscle strain).

The prevention of lumbar muscle strain should be emphasized:

  • First, sudden and substantial waist movements should be avoided;
  • Next, once the waist sprain must rest, prevents the spinal column to move unceasingly, interferes with the injury soft tissue repair;
  • Finally, we must maintain good posture in our daily life and work.

The location of the pain is very deep, movement is limited-lumbar intervertebral disc problem.

When there is a problem in the lumbar disc, the pain is located deep in the back center of the body.

Feel very painful, even activity is restricted, can not bend, but touch the waist and back, and there is no very painful tenderness point. This is often caused by lumbar disc drag pain, or small joint dysfunction caused by pain, the diagnosis requires the help of CT or MRI.

Low back pain associated with radiation pain of the lower extremities-nerve involvement.

The so-called radiation pain is along the waist all the way to thigh, calf, even foot back, plantar a line of pain, or have numbness, tiptoe can not walk, lower limb weakness and other symptoms, these cases may be caused by nerve involvement.

Must not endure at this time, need to go to the hospital to check the degree of oppression and oppression position. Because the sequela of lumbar pain caused by nerve involvement is relatively more, the later the intervention, the worse the effect may be.

Pain in the lower back can occur even if you remain motionless-a tumor must be ruled out.

Appear unknown reason lumbago, cannot find special tenderness dot again, when sleeping at night also aches badly, when be in comfortable, relaxed rest condition is still very painful, must eliminate in time to the hospital whether it is tumor, lest delay is treated

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