Dietary considerations for persimmon

Persimmon is a very attractive fruit, when we want to enjoy the taste of sweet attractive, about persimmons endless taboos are always worrying.

Empty stomach eats persimmon can gastric haemorrhage?

Will persimmons be poisoned when eaten with crabs?

Persimmons die when eaten with goose?

Listen to these serious taboos, the courage to eat persimmon will be lost.

So let’s take a look at these persistent taboos related to persimmons. Is this true or not?


Tannic acid

About persimmon taboo, derive from its rich “tannic acid”.

What is tannic acid?

Tannic acid, also known as tannin, is the astringent source of persimmon. In addition to persimmons, grapes, Hawthorn, pomegranate and other fruits, and even drink tea are rich in tannic acid.

Under certain conditions, tannic acid can combine with protein to form a precipitate with larger molecule, which is insoluble in water, named “tannin protein”. When more gastric acid in the stomach, tannin protein and food pectin, cellulose, persimmon skin, persimmon kernel glued together, in the stomach quickly formed a stomach stone, also known as “stomach persimmon stone,” and cause stomach discomfort.

This is also a variety of “persimmon taboo” origin.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean we can’t eat persimmons!

The content of tannic acid varied greatly among different persimmons.

These uncomfortable premise, is “the massive edible” as well as “the persimmon contains the tannic acid high”. In fact, different persimmons in the tannic acid content is different, generally 0.4%, 4%, the difference can be up to 10 times.

When the persimmon is not mature, the content of tannic acid is higher, especially in the outer skin of the fruit, that is, near the persimmon peel, there is more tannic acid distribution.

Can judge persimmon tannic acid content is high, can use the simplest method-tongue. Simply put, the more astringent it tastes, the higher the tannic acid content.

Is it true that persimmons are taboo?

About eating persimmon has been a lot of “can not eat” rumors, know is tannic acid in trouble, we will see if these rumors in the end can be trusted bar.

Can’t eat persimmon on an empty stomach?


If there is no manual treatment of persimmons, there is indeed a risk, but now we buy persimmons, mostly sweet persimmons or artificial treatment of persimmons, tannic acid content is low, usually do not cause discomfort.

However gastric acid secretion more as well as gastrointestinal function weaker people should pay attention when eating persimmon on an empty stomach may still cause a certain degree of discomfort.

Can’t persimmons be eaten with high protein foods?


Whether it’s yogurt, crab, goose, eggs. These high-protein foods can be eaten with persimmons.

As long as the food is processed by artificial persimmons, and do not eat too much generally no problem.

Diabetes can’t eat persimmons?


Persimmon glycemic index is 37, is not particularly high, but it is close to 20% sugar content, and soft glutinous sweet, it is easy to accidentally eat too much.

For people with less serious diabetes, persimmons can be eaten, but must be careful not to eat too many; or eat persimmons, eat a small amount of other foods with sugar.

What should we pay attention to when eating persimmons?

  1. If gastric acid secretion is excessive, or persimmon without treatment, tannic acid content is more, can not be eaten on an empty stomach.
  2. Control persimmon intake per day, according to the standards of the Chinese Dietetic Association, can not be higher than 200g.
  3. People with a high glycemic index should reduce their persimmon intake.
  4. If you want to eat more persimmons, then try not to eat persimmon skin, because tannic acid is mainly in the skin of persimmons.

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