Do tampons loosen vaginas?

Tampons may be no stranger to you, but you may not know enough about them.

Since the invention of the catheter tampon, more and more women have begun to touch it and use it.

Let’s take a look at tampon cold knowledge.


1. Do you really get TSS with tampons?

As the media has been discussing this topic, many women are afraid to use tampons.

This is probably the biggest misconception about tampons. There are many reasons why TSS exists.

TSS can occur in people who haven’t changed tampons for a long time, in people with open wounds, in people who have just gone through surgery, in women who use contraceptive sponges, in women with internal contraceptive membranes, or in people with flu or chicken pox.

So it can’t be generalized, change the tampon frequently, maintain the hygienic good use habit, can avoid this risk, basically will not have this kind of situation.

2. Can I sleep at night with a tampon?

Tampons can last up to eight hours, which means you can’t sleep with them for more than eight hours.

It is recommended to replace the tampon before going to bed and after getting up. If you’re in the habit of sleeping in or afraid of missing a change, set an alarm.

3. Can virgin tampon damage hymen?

The issue is a concern for many women who have not experienced sex.

From a professional point of view, the hymen is a ring of tissue, the central hole, can allow the menstrual blood out of the body. The size of the hole varies from person to person and is generally 2.5 cm in diameter. Choose a smaller tampon with a diameter of only 1.5 cm, which generally won’t damage the hymen.

4. Do tampons loosen the vagina?

You can choose the right size for your own use. For the first time, the recommended size is the minimum size of the normal size.

The largest diameter of the tampon is only 1.5 cm, about the size of the finger. Compared with the male reproductive organs, it is much smaller, and won’t make the vagina loose. Instead, it has the effect of tightening the vagina.

5. Will the tampon fall out?

The muscles of the vaginal wall are very elastic and will hold the tampon in place, so don’t worry about leakage. The end of the sliver will come with a piece of thread, which will be pulled when needed.

The thread is strong and won’t break easily. Regardless of age, it is better to use it for the first time or from light and regular, so as to adapt the body and eliminate psychological tension. Tampons don’t warp easily and don’t fall out.

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