Is it really necessary to repair the hymen?

Originally an ordinary layer of film, was given the “hymen” of the title, became mysterious and sensitive, and also became a symbol of female chastity.

A lot of people think, when making love on the wedding night, this film is damaged haemorrhage expresses the integrity of female hymen, symbolizing the chastity of a woman.

This can be extremely important in some societies and cultures, where the integrity of the hymen affects marital prospects, family reputation and even every aspect of life.

For example, Arab, China and other countries, although the idea tends to open, but the hymen for a woman (especially the idea is relatively backward city), still has a certain reputation influence.

Different shapes of the hymen

Hymen repair

Because the fiance and his family are concerned about the integrity of the hymen, many women choose to carry out hymen repair.

Behind the scenes of a grand wedding, there may be a girl struggling with or busy with a hymen problem. Unfortunately, the history of this surgery is not so popular, it is said that the hymen repair was invented in Europe in the first half of the 19th century to facilitate prostitutes to pay a high price.

Hymen repair technology has become increasingly mature, repair methods are not the same, but the process is not complex, can generally be completed within 2 hours, belongs to outpatient surgery, no need to be hospitalized, will not delay the work. The main methods of restoration include the following:

Hymen suture.

Suture the remaining hymen. This method is suitable for those cases where the damage is not serious.

But since sutures don’t last long, the procedure takes about three to seven days before the couple’s first sex to ensure bleeding during sex.

Under local anesthesia, the operation is not painful.

Artificial material transplantation.

If the hymen is not suitable for suture, we can consider the implantation of membranous artificial biomaterials, the implanted material is mainly composed of collagen fiber extracts, with non-toxic, weak antigenicity and so on. And can gradually be absorbed by the recipient’s own tissue, so this operation is also best done a few days before the wedding.

Vaginal endomembrane incision.

In addition to sutures and transplants, the idea of vaginal mucous membrane can also be punched. Incision of both sides of the vaginal mucosa, the vaginal mucosa will be sewn together to pretend hymen.

Compared to the above two methods, this method requires sufficient time before marriage in order to heal the wound.

It needs to be said, because this method can also play a narrow stretch vagina effect, some people are also willing to accept this method of hymen repair, you can pursue a higher level of sexual enjoyment, kill two birds with one stone.

Of course, the most direct way to deal with “virgin bleeding” because it should be directly implanted in the vagina with a similar blood substance “blood” capsule, the capsule will break during sexual intercourse, see red purposes will be achieved.

Although the repair process is not complex, but the hymen repair is still a surgery, there are certain risks, such as anaesthetic anaphylaxis, surgery bleeding, infection, wound scarring, swelling, and so on.

Do virgins bleed?

In fact, the connection between the hymen condition and sexual activity is anything but as simple as breaking a cup of soy milk with a straw at breakfast.

There are many reasons for hymen breakage, and it is not uncommon for the first sexual intercourse not to bleed. And tampon, gynecological examination of carelessness, or bicycle, gymnastics and other violent exercise may cause hymen damage.

After all, two people come together true love, love is the person, not hymen.

Is it really that important to focus on whether you’re a virgin or not?

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