These habits of men can damage the reproductive organs.

Men generally ignore small things. When they find that they have some discomfort, they will not go to hospital for treatment. These seemingly small problems will affect men’s health, especially reproductive health. According to the survey, most of the severe male patients missed the best treatment because they did not go to the hospital because of a minor illness. Therefore, when men find that they have some symptoms, they must go to the hospital for examination to eliminate the disease. occur.

The doctor reminds: the four habits of men will damage the reproductive organs, please correct them in time!

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First, do not pay attention to health, the reproductive system is susceptible to infection

Men don’t pay attention to the genital system hygiene, especially those who have too long foreskin, because the foreskin is easy to hide dirt. If you don’t pay attention to genital hygiene, it will often cause bacteria to multiply, can infect diseases, cause balanitis and urinary tract infections, and prostatitis. And male diseases such as epididymitis, which in turn affect sexual life and even lead to infertility.

Second, love to eat spicy, prone to problems

More than 50% of 50-year-old men have prostate disease. If you eat some spicy food and irritating food in your diet, it will produce some irritating substances, which will increase the bladder pressure, make the prostate’s urine back to reflux and other sequelae, causing inflammation of the prostate. In addition, often urinating, depressed, overstressed, nervous, tired, staying up late, etc., these bad habits will make the prostate symptoms more serious.

Third, high temperature bath or sauna, affecting sperm production

The most suitable temperature for sperm production is 35-36 degrees, while men often use very hot water showers or stay in the sauna for too long, because the scrotum is heated to reduce sperm production or death. Therefore, young people should be careful to wash the sauna, the water temperature of the bathtub should be about 34 degrees.

Fourth, smoking and drinking, suffering from dysfunction

From the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, smoking men are twice as many as non-smoking men. The cause of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is because there are nicotine and other harmful substances in the cigarettes. These harmful substances can cause poor circulation of the penis. At the same time, male smoking reduces sperm production. The data show that a pack of cigarettes a day will lead to a rapid decline in the survival rate of sperm, and a variety of less refined or deformed sperm, while in the semen of long-term drinkers, the number of sperm is very small, the vitality is very weak, impotence and infertility The incidence of the disease has increased significantly.

In summary, we understand which bad habits can seriously damage a man’s health. Men should correct these bad habits, pay more attention to the hygiene of the reproductive system, do not use too hot water bath or sauna, it is best not to smoke and alcohol, eat less spicy and irritating food, good habits Good for men’s health, especially the health of the reproductive system.

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