Several advantages of dental implants

Speaking of dental implants, many patients with friends will first think of the following two advantages, because compared to the past inlay teeth and removable dentures, its two advantages are more prominent.

  • Comfort, convenience, small size: because implant teeth do not have the structure of traditional removable denture base and clasp, there is no foreign body sensation in the mouth, which is conducive to maintaining oral hygiene, and feels comfortable at the same time. It also makes the patient “forget” that the teeth in the mouth are not real.
  • Wider indications: in the case of complete absence of teeth or posterior molar area, only removable dentures can be installed in the past, but removable dentures are not satisfactory in terms of beauty, comfort, masticatory function, self-cleaning ability and so on. These patients can obtain fixed dentures through the implantation of artificial roots.
Although brushing your teeth often is a good habit, but too hard to brush or brush too quickly, it will brush away the enamel
Although brushing your teeth often is a good habit, but too hard to brush or brush too quickly, it will brush away the enamel

But in addition to these two advantages, dental implants have two less known features, which are also from its structure.

Natural teeth transmit masticatory pressure through the root to the alveolar bone, while implants transmit the masticatory pressure to the alveolar bone through the artificial root. The biomechanical principle is the same, so it can withstand more chewing force. The masticatory efficiency was much higher than that of traditional dentures.

Stability: the main benefit of implants is that the implants and the alveolar bone are joined together through the bone, so it is very strong, its unique implant treatment can make the denture and alveolar bone close together. Will not appear the alveolar bone atrophy depression, the second decayed tooth as well as the gum sensitive soreness condition and so on the condition will take root in the patient’s oral cavity in the same way as the real tooth.

In addition, when the loss of teeth has become a foregone conclusion, the bimaxillary bite force on the alveolar bone irritation does not exist, the alveolar bone will be easy to slowly atrophy, which makes the future of dental restoration has brought great difficulties. Both sides of the teeth lost their original support, which will make the adjacent teeth become tilted, leading to loose adjacent teeth, and eventually more other teeth fall out of condition.

A large number of oral experts have repeatedly said that tooth loss will not only affect oral function, but also may have a certain impact on general health, social interaction and mental health. Therefore, after the tooth missing, should implant the tooth restoration as soon as possible, but the implant tooth has the extremely high request to the doctor’s technical level and the medical establishment equipment, wants to have the most perfect missing tooth restoration effect. Should choose the regular specialized oral hospital to carry on the surgery.

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