9 things that girls can’t do during menstruation

Women in the menstrual period need to pay attention to a lot of things, simply said that women will be delicate point.

It is best to avoid cold water during menstruation. Do not wash clothes or feet with cold water, because if you touch too much cold things, you will easily get cold and the symptoms of dysmenorrhea will be more serious. Below we talk about the place that female menstruation pays special attention to in detail.


Unfavorable sex life: menstrual period endometrium fall off uterine cavity surface formation wound life easy to bring bacteria into the uterus retrograde and then cause intrauterine infection annex inflammation pelvic inflammation.

Should not eat more salt: too much salt will make the body salt and water storage increase on the eve of menstruation will occur headache, excitement and irritability and other symptoms should come 10 days before the start of eating low-salt food.

Do not drink strong tea: strong tea with a high caffeine content stimulates nerve and cardiovascular system and tends to produce dysmenorrhea, prolonged menstrual period and excessive menstrual blood. Meanwhile, tannic acid in strong tea can cause iron absorption obstacle and iron-deficiency anemia.

Should not sit bath: menstrual period cervix of the cervix mouth micro open sitz bath and bath very easy to make sewage into the uterine cavity so as to lead to genital inflammation.

Should not wear tight pants: if menstrual period wear hip circumference small tight pants will make the local capillary pressure thereby affecting blood circulation increase perineal friction is easy to cause perineal congestion edema.

Should not sing loudly: women’s respiratory tract mucous membrane hyperemia vocal cord also hyperemia sings loudly or speaks loudly the vocal cord muscle is easy to be tired to appear the glottis not to be hoarse, but also does not need to be too tense, under most circumstances. Normal voice singing, speaking should not be a problem, but if a long high pitch, challenge high-pitched songs, it may cause vocal cord injury.

Should not beat the back: after being beaten on the lower back, it can make pelvic progress, hyperemia and blood flow accelerate and cause menorrhagia or excessive menstrual period. It is very normal for women to appear the phenomenon of lumbar acid in menstrual period, which is caused by pelvic congestion. At this time blindly and vigorously massage or beat the waist, will lead to pelvic congestion more serious, but will make the back of the phenomenon of back pain.

Should not use bath lotion to clean pudenda: because Ferial female vagina is slightly acid environment, can restrain bacterium to grow, but the vagina can slant alkali during the course of going through, resistance to bacterium is reduced, be susceptible to infection. If you do not use professional vaginal cleaning fluid or repeatedly wash with hot water, will lead to an increase in alkali.

Do not pull a tooth: easy haemorrhage and cause infection period do not pull a tooth, because in menstrual period, the platelet number inside female body is reduced, blood clotting sex is lower than usual, if undertake traumatic operation at this time, include extraction tooth processing. Can be difficult to stop bleeding, resulting in more bleeding than usual surgery, bleeding longer time.

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