Three main causes of weight loss failure

A lot of people are in when reducing weight, cannot know clearly oneself at present this method is the correct method reducing weight really, some even arrived to lose weight failure also did not find.

As more and more people pay attention to weight loss, online information about weight loss is also more and more, true and false is difficult to distinguish. But at the same time, a lot of people have fallen into a variety of pitfalls, below to give you a few examples, let’s take a look.

Is it harder to lose weight than others? Maybe it’s because you’re shorter than others!

1. Caloric restriction.

The first step for many people to lose weight is basically to limit their calorie intake, but they can’t lose weight as much as they would like if they limit their calorie intake.


Because eat too little, the body’s stress hormones will increase, so suddenly limit the intake of calories is not a good way.

It may also lead to a decline in your body’s basal metabolic rate over the long term, which can cause you to gain weight even if you eat fewer calories and are unable to burn out.

2. Can’t you take in fat if you cut down on fat?

It may seem crazy to me, but there are a lot of people who think so.

People believe that exogenous fat intake is an important cause of obesity, so fat is the biggest enemy in trying to lose weight.

Many people try to reduce the intake of fat, and finally found that their body will become very poor, into a sub-health state.

In fact, not all fat is harmful to the body, on the contrary, some fat is good for promoting the body fat metabolism, for example, the body metabolism is essential fatty acids from food intake.

These beneficial fat intake is beneficial to the cardiovascular health of the body and weight loss.

3. Becoming a vegetarian. 

Some people lose weight after the start of all vegetarian, vegetarian itself is no problem, but want to rely on vegetarian diet to lose weight is very difficult. 

The last possible consequence of using a vegetarian diet to lose weight is a drop in basal metabolism, which can lead to a failure to lose weight. 

Another is that they do not know how to distinguish between vegetarians. For example, some people eat vegetarian biscuits, chips, and other processed products to restrict their diet. This can easily lead to a lack of nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and so on. Resulting in a decrease in energy and metabolism. 

If you really want to lose weight with a vegetarian diet, the first step is to plan your diet. Try to include healthy proteins such as beans, nuts, eggs, and soy products in your menu instead of animal protein. 

Many people in the weight loss, can not clearly know their current method is not really the right way to lose weight, and some even to lose weight failed also did not find. 

So don’t blindly follow the successful experience of others on the Internet. Some suitable for others, not necessarily suitable for you, it is best not to think of shortcuts, reasonable exercise plus diet is the most correct weight loss.

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