Why does meditation reduce pain?

Meditation can significantly relieve stress, anxiety and other symptoms of depression, and a state of mindfulness can help you process emotions more clearly, improve memory and cognition, and even improve the quality of your life as a couple. Now new research has also found that people with good meditation skills have lower sensitivity to pain.

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The study, conducted at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, surveyed 76 healthy people who had never meditated and assessed their innate ability to meditate. They were then given a 120-degree heat needle and a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) of their brains.

The results showed that those with higher scores on innate meditative ability reported less pain.

At the same time, data from mri scans showed that people who were better meditators when exposed to heat were calmer in an area of the brain called the posterior cingulate cortex (PCC). Those who reported greater pain were more active when exposed to heat. The posterior cingulate cortex is the nerve center of the brain’s “default mode”. This nerve center is more active when the brain is not focused, idle or processing emotions. When the brain is reading and writing, this area becomes less active and the brain allocates resources to other areas.

Fadel Zeidan, a professor of neurology at wake forest school of medicine and lead author of the study, said: “meditation is a state of being fully conscious but without much emotional reaction or subjective perception. Our research shows that individuals who are capable of meditation seem to experience less pain.”

In other words, the study found that people with the ability to meditate did not have a strong emotional response when they felt physical pain, leading to reduced sensitivity to pain.

Zeidan said the findings show potential ways to use meditation and meditation as pain treatment. When people experience physical pain, try learning to meditate. You may be surprised by the mental and physical benefits of meditation. To cardiac

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