What are some common thinking differences between boys and girls?

So to get straight to the concept that you may not want to look at, let’s start with a couple of classic dialogues that you’ve heard more or less, either from your own experience or from someone else’s story. From these conversations, you can see clearly the difference in thinking between boys and girls.

What are some common thinking differences between boys and girls?

“Why didn’t you tell me you were sick? “

“I told you it was no use, I bought my own medicine on the line not on the line. “

Why are you always reluctant to talk to me about anything? You seem to have been reluctant to communicate with me. Do you regard me as one of your own? “

“? ? ? “

when faced with problems, boys tend to solve problems directly, while girls tend to share and communicate.

Sometimes the boys are really devastated because their partner always wants them to say, want them to talk about their own affairs, and the boys always think of nothing to say.

Because either this problem can not be solved, or can be solved, but the girls can not help, this time like to directly solve the problem of boys will not even remember this matter, not to mention conscious and girls to share.

Similarly, sometimes girls and boys will complain about a pile of problems they encounter, but boys are always embarrassed to find themselves painstakingly thought of half a day of countermeasures, the results of girls or full stomach gas.

Because when it is also a communication problem, sometimes a girl does not want you to give a solution strategy at all, she just wants to share this emotion, she can feel that someone is concerned, someone is listening.

So you don’t need to be purposeful when you share your life with a girl in the future, just say what you think, because what the girl enjoys is the process of communication.

In the future, when a girl talks to you about a problem, you don’t worry about solving it, because she probably just wants to find someone to complain about and tell her what she wants to say.

” you don’t care about me at all.”

“where don’t I care about you? Didn’t I accompany you to the hospital last time I was sick? And I’m going to hang out with you once a week, just in case you think I snubbed you?”

“you don’t care about me, you think you do.”

— “????? “

Boys value facts more, girls value individual feelings more.

You will find that some guys, even though they don’t meet their girlfriends very often in different places, only say a few words every day, and their girlfriends feel warm.

But some guys are accused of “you don’t care about me” even if they are around girls every day.

Because when faced with this question, boys will be very rational, number by number, and measure the degree of this relationship rationally by concrete facts.

Sometimes, however, the boy’s logic fails completely in the face of such a sensitive creature as a girl:

Because no matter how much you do, if the other person doesn’t feel about it, then at the end of the day, even if the total number of events is higher and the value is higher, in the girls’ world, it’s zero.

Therefore, when a boy is attracted to a girl, you should not be stuffy and know that studying and working well will give a good life to others in the future.

You also do not want to know to accompany care all the time, because some girls just want to be the eldest brother’s woman, you too sticky each other instead will let the other side feel you have no ambition.

Give her what she wants, not what you think is most expensive.

“–” why don’t you come and pick me up?

“–” because the restaurant’s location is so hard to wait for. If I pick you up, we won’t be able to wait for you. Besides, you’ll be here in fifteen minutes’ walk.”

“–” you just don’t care, come on, you don’t care if I have an accident.

— “????? “

When a girl expresses her dissatisfaction with an event, the boy thinks she is dissatisfied with it, but in fact, this event is just a flashpoint accumulated in the previous event.

Some time ago, there was a classic question: do you want to pick up your girlfriend at the airport, even if she can go home safely.

In fact, the point of dispute between his girlfriend and him is not whether to pick her up at the airport.

She is now arguing with her boyfriend: “you are not willing to care and take care of me. You are not willing to sacrifice some of your time to do something for me.”

Even if the boy went to pick up, she can pick up his thorns, think he was a face of reluctance, think you came late, think he did not prepare to receive a small gift……… A word: want to add crime, what trouble words?

So why does an unprovoked girlfriend suddenly have this “desire” to add crime to him? She has already spoken to the subject, is it not clear: what matters is whether the subject’s attitude shows concern or care.

When a girl makes this request, here’s the bad news: this isn’t the first time she’s been upset with your usual no-show, caring attitude.

When you think about it, if she thinks that the subject CARES about her all the time, even if the subject does not mention it, she will make an excuse for the subject: my boyfriend is very tired at work every day, so he has to save money for two people.

My boyfriend won’t pick me up because he’s at home preparing a midnight snack for me.

So a lot of people think it’s just a pickup problem, but in fact, it’s just an explosion of problems.

“I’m so disappointed in you. I’ve been with you for so long, and you’re still the same. You haven’t changed at all. I’m getting more and more suspicious of you. “

“you knew what I was like when you were with me. Why are you like this now? it’s nothing like you used to be. “

When a girl is with a boy, she wants him to change; but when a boy is with a girl, he wants two people to stay the same.

Girls are so anxious and stressed about their age that they always seem to be in a state of anxiety, so there always seems to be a constant theme for their partner: to make the man more mature and better.

But no matter how mature a boy’s heart is also living a child, so the boy just hope that two people can always maintain the state of carefree, it is best that two people always like this. So boys’ complaints about their partners also have a timeless theme:

She’s nothing like what she used to be.

Therefore, you will find that a lot of boys will be in love after the cycle, with a fixed pattern and get along with each other;

But most girls always want them to experience more and move forward with each other.

Therefore, when boys and girls get along, you think stable feelings are the most comfortable, but don’t forget that too stable feelings are the most scared scenes in each other’s heart;

And when girls and boys get along, you have to accept the fact that the person in front of you, a lot of things you used to think he could change, may not be able to change.

“my brother is very reliable, people are particularly kind, but also gentlemanly, I wonder so good people, why do you do not feel?” “

Because he is a good person to anyone ah, I do not think he has much attraction to me, he is too good luck , I can not accept. “

“? ? ? “

boys value “do I have”, girls “do I sometimes, do others?”

Girls are the pursuit of uniqueness, so sometimes, girls too good luck boys, but not so easy to have a girlfriend.

The craving for sense of security has spawned a standard in girls’ value systems:

I hope I am special to you, you can give me a different treatment.

Through this “particularity” of the addition, girls are more likely to think that this person belongs to their own unique, do not worry that one day they will be abandoned, the other side for another love.

Boys, on the other hand, are particularly direct and practical: I just want to know how you feel about me in the end, and as long as I’m satisfied, then I think you’re a good person.

Therefore, it is easier for a girl to fall in love with a great villain who flashes a warm face than a good gentleman who is gentle and gentle, because even though the boy sees the main body of the great villain at this time, But what the girl saw was that the villain in other people’s eyes actually showed a different side to herself.

Therefore, if you want to attract a girl, you can give her a feeling: this person has such a hidden side, but I see; this person would not do it to others, but I enjoy it.

Therefore, you can consider doing some character reversal when you get along with a girl. For example, you like to socialize and cook a home-cooked dish for her personally. For example, you have a good temper at ordinary times, in order to protect her, she actually turns her face against others.

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