Is hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer the future that “second liver carries poison person”?

China is the world’s largest number of infected hepatitis B virus countries (no way, a large population), about 1.2 billion hepatitis B virus carriers, of whom 30 million hepatitis B patients.

That’s a huge number.

However, this does not mean that “hepatitis b carriers” are a very dangerous group of people.


The HBsAg that second liver carries poison person can clear naturally, that is to say need not what turn Yin to treat, oneself body produces resistance to eliminate its, also ended to carry poison state.

Chinese scholars observed 772 cases of hepatitis B virus carriers for 2.14 years, and found that the natural negative conversion rate of HBsAg was 2.01%. It was found that there were two peaks, the negative conversion rate was 2.7% between 10 and 20 years old, and 6.6% after 50 years old.

It can be seen that the natural clearance of HBsAg in hepatitis B virus carriers is not a rare phenomenon.

In China, infants can breast-feed from HBsAg positive mothers after being injected with hepatitis b and hepatitis b vaccines within 12 hours of birth.

The world health organization reports that there is no evidence that breastfeeding mothers of HBsAg carriers increases the risk of mother-to-child transmission of the hepatitis b virus.

For liver function normal, virus DNA negative hepatitis B virus carriers, can not be treated, as long as the usual form of good habits, regular check to the hospital on the line.

For the hepatitis B virus carriers with abnormal liver function and / or virus DNA positive, active treatment is needed. If not treated in time, it may lead to liver cirrhosis or even liver cancer.

The following five important points should be noted in protecting the liver of hepatitis B virus carriers:

1. Pay attention to diet balance.

Second liver virus carriers do not overeat or often hungry, this hunger, satiety uneven eating habits, will cause abnormal secretion of digestive juices, leading to liver dysfunction.

Therefore, hepatitis B virus carriers to maintain a balanced diet, food in the protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and so on to maintain a corresponding proportion; try to eat less spicy food, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

2. More drinking water is needed for nourishing liver and protecting liver.

Drinking plenty of water can replenish body fluids, strengthen blood circulation, promote metabolism, and promote secretion of glands, especially digestive glands, pancreatic juice, and bile, so as to facilitate digestion, absorption, and elimination of waste. Reduce the damage to the liver caused by metabolites and toxins.

3. Nourishing the liver, protecting the liver and reducing drinking.

The energy of the liver to metabolize alcohol is limited, more alcohol will hurt the liver.

According to medical research, healthy people weighing 60 kg can only metabolize 60 g of alcohol per day. If it exceeds the limit, it will affect the liver health and even endanger life.

4. Keep one’s mind at ease.

Optimism makes a man healthy. Irritability can aggravate many illnesses and even lead to new ones.

5. Moderate exercise.

Carrier of second liver virus wants to do outdoors activity more, wait like walking, pedal, play ball, play Taijiquan, these activities can make person gas and blood patency not only, promote the body to exhale old to accept new, strong and healthy body, but also can happy feeling nourishes liver, achieve the purpose that protects liver health care.

In winter, hepatitis B patients in exercise should be aware of the whole body for the degree of warmth, summer should be slightly sweating, and not feel that the heart rate for the degree.

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