Skipping dinner VS eating dinner too late, which is worse?

When you are busy with work and study, it is easy to miss dinner if you are not careful. At this time, it is easy to fall into a dilemma:

Skipping dinner can be bad for your health, but eating dinner too late is also bad for your health.

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How bad is skipping dinner?

If we don’t eat dinner, it’s easy to experience symptoms like low blood sugar, dizziness and other symptoms when the amount of glycogen stored in our body is about the same.

As blood sugar decreases, people will feel hungry and the excitability of the brain will be reduced, which will cause us to become sluggish in response and unable to concentrate, which will affect our normal study, work and life.

Of course, skipping dinner from time to time may not be a good thing, but if you do not eat dinner for a long time, because the energy and nutrition intake cannot meet your body’s needs, you are likely to bring some adverse consequences to your body, such as mental insufficiency, physical insufficiency, skin deterioration, weakened immunity, anemia, and osteoporosis.

Additional, do not eat dinner for a long time still can destroy normal gastric bowel function, can cause gastritis, gastric ulcer to wait for a problem.

What if it’s too late for dinner?

Eat dinner too late, also have many sided effect to the body, say a few more common.

Like skipping dinner, eating it too late may also cause a drop in blood sugar, resulting in dizziness that interferes with normal study and work.

Some people are hungry for a long time, but after looking forward to dinner, they want to treat themselves and eat a lot of high-energy food, such as Fried chicken, roast duck, etc. In the long run, it is easy to get fat because of the accumulation of heat.

In addition, the dinner is too late, the food has not been fully digested, the stomach and intestines have to continue working overtime, the digestive burden is increased, and it is easy to affect people’s normal sleep. If the stomach and intestines do not get normal rest, the stomach is also a greater damage.

Too late to eat dinner, how to eat to reduce the adverse effects on the body?

1. The diet is light and easy to digest

It is recommended that people who eat dinner too late should try to eat some foods that are rich in starch and easy to digest, such as light porridge, noodle soup, etc., such as millet porridge, oatmeal porridge, mung bean porridge, tomato egg noodle soup, glutinous rice, etc.

In addition to the staple food, vegetables are also essential, but should be made with less oil and less salt cooking, such as boiled cabbage, boiled broccoli, steamed eggplant, cold black fungus, instead of vegetables with a lot of salad dressing Sand, or fried vegetables with heavy oil and heavy salt.

Just eat the right amount of meat, but it should be high-protein, low-fat varieties, such as steamed fish, boiled beef slices, boiled shrimp, not fried chicken, grilled fish, braised pork. Of course, you can also replace the meat by eating soy products (such as tofu, dried tofu), soy products can also provide us with a wealth of high-quality protein.

As for the fruit, of course, you can also eat, but it is recommended to choose the type of lower calories, such as papaya, cantaloupe, pomelo, strawberry, small tomato and so on.

2. Try to eat less

When you eat too late for dinner, try to eat as little as you can. You can basically fill your stomach and avoid the degree of sleep.

3. Do not sleep immediately after a meal

It is best not to lie down immediately after a meal. If you have a long time to go to sleep, you can do moderate exercise, such as taking a walk. If you are close to sleeping time, walk back and forth in the room, or Just stand for a while, it’s better than lying down.

4,. Appropriate meal in the afternoon

If you can make a proper meal in the afternoon, such as eating a whole wheat bread, a cup of yogurt, and eating a small tomato, when you are at dinner, you will not be mad at the extreme.

5. Lunch can be richer

For example, for the meat to be eaten that day, try to eat it at lunch. At the time of dinner, you can eat soy products (such as tofu, dried tofu) instead of some meat to help reduce the digestive burden of dinner.

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