Don’t rush to do eight things after a meal.

Do not rush to do eight things after a meal, if you are anxious to do these eight things after eating, will affect your health.

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No hurry to smoke

Smoking after meals is 10 times more harmful than usual. This is due to the increased circulation of blood in the digestive tract after eating, which leads to the massive absorption of harmful components in smoke and damages the blood vessels of liver, brain and heart.

Don’t rush to drink tea

A large amount of tannic acid in tea can be combined with iron and zinc in food to form insoluble substances, which cannot be absorbed, resulting in the loss of iron in food. If will drink tea to arrange an hour after meal to have no this malpractice.

Don’t rush to bath

Take a bath after the meal, body surface blood flow can increase, the blood flow of gastrointestinal tract can reduce accordingly, make the digestive function of intestines and stomach weaken thereby.

No rush to bed

Going to bed immediately after a meal can lead to weight gain. Doctors warn people to rest at least 20 minutes after meals before going to bed. Even siestas should be.

Take a walk

Take a walk after the meal, can increase as a result of motion, and affect alimentary canal to alimentary material digestion absorption. In particular, the elderly, cardiac function decline, vascular sclerosis and blood pressure reflex regulation dysfunction, more after the meal blood pressure decline and other phenomena.

In no rush to drive

It turns out that drivers who drive immediately after a meal are prone to accidents. This is because the digestion of gastrointestinal food after eating requires a large amount of blood, which is easy to cause temporary ischemia in the cerebral vessels, resulting in operational errors.

Don’t be in a hurry to eat fruit

Eating fruit after a meal is considered a healthy habit, but medical experts disagree. It takes up to 1 to 2 hours for food to enter the stomach before it is slowly released into the small intestine. Eat fruit after a meal, food can be blocked in the stomach, long-term can lead to digestive disorders.

No hurry to loosen the belt

Loosen belt after meal, can make abdominal cavity inside pressure drops, the supporting effect to alimentary canal can weaken so, and the activity degree of alimentary canal and load of ligament are about to increase, cause gastric ptosis easily, appear the digestive system disease such as upper abdomen discomfort.

After the meal “eight not urgent”, will play a vital role in your health, to yes eight, we always see in life, we should form a good habit after the meal.

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