Eggs should never be used with these foods

Eggs are one of the most common foods in our lives, and a very nutritious common food. Many people will choose eggs for breakfast. Eggs are well-balanced and easy to be absorbed and used by the body. But the method of eating eggs is also a certain stress, do not mix indiscriminately, to master the correct method of collocation.

eggs in the metal basket

So what foods can’t eggs be served with?

You cannot drink tea immediately after eating eggs

A lot of people to drink tea after eating eggs will be bored with, in fact this is a serious mistake behavior, after eating eggs, drinking tea is harmful to health, because tea contains tannin substances, tannic acid substance and protein, will form the tannic acid protein, the tannic acid protein has certain convergence effect, can lead to gastrointestinal peristalsis slows, it will cause the retention time of feces in the gut is too long, easy to appear the phenomenon of constipation, has a harmful effect on human health.

Eggs can’t be eaten with turtles

Eggs are a kind of hot food with high nutritional value and rich in protein. Soft-shelled turtle is a kind of cold food. If eaten together, the two kinds of food will cause the nutrients to be mixed.

Eggs can’t be eaten with rabbit or goose

The combination of eggs and rabbit can cause diarrhea or dysentery. Rabbit and goose are a kind of food with a cool temperature. When they are eaten together with eggs, they will produce bioactive substances, which will cause irritation in the stomach and intestines.

Eggs can’t be eaten with soy milk

When a lot of people are having breakfast, like to drink bean milk edge to eat egg, this is a kind of wrong collocation method actually, the nutritive value of egg and bean milk is very rich, and contain rich protein, absorb overmuch protein at a draught, can cause abdominal pain to bilge wait for intestines and stomach symptom.

Persimmon should not be eaten immediately after egg

After eating eggs, you can’t eat persimmon immediately, otherwise it is easy to get poisoning phenomenon, and may even have lung stones and acute gastroenteritis and other diseases. Eggs and persimmons are best eaten two hours apart.

You cannot eat candy immediately after eating eggs

The combination of eggs and sugar cannot be used at the same time, because the combination can cause protein loss in eggs and cause the amino acids in the proteins to be converted into fructose lysine, which is difficult to be absorbed by the body and can cause health risks.

Warm prompt

Although egg nutrition value is very high, but everybody must master correct eat method, should notice above a few kinds of collocation contraindication, can cause harm to the body otherwise.

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