Breast pain is breast cancer? 5 times breast pain is not a disease

Breast cancer incidence has been rising in recent years, many women are very afraid of cancer, some women find their breast pain very panic, think it is breast cancer. In fact, breast swelling and pain is not necessarily breast cancer, puberty, menstrual period, pregnancy, abortion after several periods of breast pain, belonging to normal physiological phenomenon.


Girl: breasts are just developing

Although female breast development time varies, most of the development between 8 and 13 years old, 14 to 18 years old between full maturity. In the process of breast development, there will be a certain swelling pain, feeling breast swelling, a little tight, these are normal developmental phenomena. As the breasts mature after menarche, the pain fades.

“Menstruation” brings breast pain

Women’s breasts are sensitive and are particularly affected by estrogen levels. Monthly visits to the “menstrual” can bring changes in estrogen levels, resulting in transient breast hyperplasia and breast tissue edema.

Women can clearly feel the pain of lightly touching the breast before each menstrual period, feeling swollen and tight, even the breast seems to get bigger, but after menstruation will gradually ease, completely disappear after menstruation.

Breast pain (occasionally) after sex

It is not difficult for female friends to discover, the breast can be a little bit larger than usual when making love, the woman that did not give birth, lactation can increase 20% to 25% even, this basically is concerned with hemal hyperemia, mammary lobule organizes and so on physiology reaction.

And breast swelling may persist for 5-10 minutes after sex ends, so it’s normal for women to feel swelling and pain in their breasts.

Pregnancy and postpartum

After the female is pregnant, estrogen is bound to change, as estrogen is secreted continuously increase, breast flatulence pain problem will become increasingly apparent.

In addition, with the continuous secretion of prolactin after giving birth, the breast will feel full and painful, and the lactation will be relieved.

After abortion

After pregnancy, the hormones in females are at a relatively high level. Abortion leads to sudden interruption of pregnancy, hormone levels decline rapidly, and the breasts may feel stinging and so on.

In general, the above several types of physiological breast pain do not require special treatment, and can be relieved by means of heat application or exercise.

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