Why not tooth extraction when wisdom teeth are inflamed? For two reasons

There are two reasons why wisdom teeth cannot be tooth extraction when they are inflamed. First of all, there will be a wound after tooth extraction, and the inflammation itself will easily lead to the diffusion of inflammation, which is not conducive to the wound healing. Secondly, when there is inflammation, it will affect the patient’s opening function. If the mouth cannot be fully opened, it will restrict the dentist’s operating space, which is inconvenient for the operation. The usual treatment is oral for a few days of anti-inflammatory drugs, inflammation first control, such as the elimination of inflammation after the selective removal.


Usually we find that tooth inflammation is a problem in the wisdom tooth area. Why? Wisdom teeth, as the third permanent molar in human oral cavity, usually do not fully erupt until adulthood. Therefore, they are called wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth of some people will not fully erupt. In ancient times, wisdom teeth were quite useful because they required a lot of chewing and grinding.

With the increasing refinement of food, the function of chewing and grinding of teeth has significantly deteriorated, and the lower jaw, the base of teeth, has become narrow and small. As the last wisdom teeth to sprout, it is increasingly out of position and rarely used. And because the position is too far back, there is a gap between the molars and the front teeth, and it is difficult to reach the final position when cleaning the teeth. As a result, the area is prone to food debris accumulation, where bacteria reproduce and corrode, and the wisdom teeth quickly become caries, when the body’s immune system is weakened, bacteria and the opportunity to come out and cause inflammation around the wisdom teeth. Local swelling on the adjacent nerve, it is very painful.

Generally, the tooth germ of a wisdom tooth does not begin to develop until around 16 years old, and then begins to erupt around 20 years old. At this time, other teeth in the oral cavity of the body are actually long and full, but the wisdom teeth do not have enough growth position, so there will be inverted length and other conditions.

It is important to know that the crooked wisdom teeth are located behind, so there are often gaps between them and other teeth, which makes cleaning difficult. If you don’t pay attention, you can easily accumulate food debris, which can lead to bacterial corrosion and the formation of cavities. When resistance is low, there is inflammation, which eventually causes a localized swelling of the wisdom teeth.

For patients with milder symptoms of inflammation, it is time to try some appropriate conditioning methods to gradually recover. However, in the vast majority of cases, the adverse symptoms of patients will be further aggravated, or even the occurrence of skin leakage and limited mouth opening. Therefore, after the occurrence of problems in wisdom teeth, everyone should promptly go to the hospital for symptomatic treatment, and remove them in time to reduce the occurrence of some unnecessary hazards.

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