Can fatty liver patient eat mutton? What meat is not suitable

The taste of mutton is the most special among all meats. Many people like to eat mutton, and it has rich nutritional value. Some people think that people with fatty liver cannot eat meat. Fatty liver patients do have dietary taboos, and meat is an indispensable part of life, so it is necessary to know what meat should be eaten by patients with fatty liver.


Can fatty liver patient eat mutton?

People with fatty liver should eat less food with high fat content and high cholesterol. Compared with other meats, the fat content and cholesterol content of lamb are relatively high. People with fatty liver are not completely unable to eat lamb, but need to eat the right amount. If fatty liver patients eat too much fat or cholesterol, the burden on the liver will be increased, which will lead to the aggravation of the disease. In the case of severe fatty liver, it will turn into cirrhosis of the liver. If you’re not sure if you can eat lamb, ask your doctor for advice.

What meat should fatty liver patient eat?

1. Pork fat

In all meats, the fat content of pork is almost the highest, especially the fat content of pork, the fat content basically can reach above 90%, so the fatty liver patient needs to pay special attention, had better not eat pork, especially the fat part, should avoid to eat, otherwise will cause more serious consequence.

2, goose,

The adipose content of goose is far inferior to pork, be in only 10% left and right sides, but the person with heavy damp and hot inside body is unfavorable edible goose, and adipose liver patient just is inside body damp and hot heavier, use goose flesh to be able to aggravate wet and hot, also can cause certain damage to liver at the same time, adipose liver patient must careful with goose.

3, liver,

It is often said that filling with forms, but people with fatty liver disease are advised not to eat the liver of animals, especially pork liver, which is very high in cholesterol and is very bad for patients with fatty liver disease. And because of the taste of pork liver, a lot of oil and salt is added during cooking, which also goes against the dietary requirements of fatty liver patients.

4, duck egg

Duck eggs are higher in fat than goose eggs, and while they provide protein, they are more fat and cholesterol. Actually not only is duck egg, the egg of kind of birds had better not eat, especially yolk, it is harmful to fat liver patient.

In fact, people should pay more attention to food if they are not ill. Once the internal organs have problems, there are a variety of taboos in food.

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