5 precautions for playing mobile phones before going to bed

During the day, I need to watch the mobile phone constantly because of work. I have to play a few hours of mobile phones before going to bed at night. Unconsciously, eye fatigue begins to invade, and even lead to the emergence of dry eye syndrome. The doctor reminded that playing mobile phone before going to bed not only affects sleep, but also stares at the mobile phone for a long time in dark or low light environment, which can easily cause damage to the eyes. It may also cause the pupil to swell for a long time and block the circulation of liquid in the eye. It also induces blindness in glaucoma.

For those who play mobile phones before going to bed at night, you need to pay attention to the following five points:


First, the phone light is dimmed as much as possible.

Look at the phone in bed at night, remember to increase the size of the phone or browser; try to dim the phone light to an acceptable level, and avoid the phone screen facing the eyes.

Second, avoid lying on your side or lying on your back.

The right and left sides of the left and right eyes have the greatest pressure, which is easy to cause left and right eye vision deviation; while the prone position is easy to cause elbow, brain blood circulation difficulties, the cervical spine is more likely to form inert ischemia.

Third, it is recommended to take a posture.

It is a better posture to play with the mobile phone, which is relatively the least influential to the health of the body. If you feel tired with your elbows, you can use your pillow or quilt to raise your elbows to ease the burden.

Fourth, playing mobile phone time should not be too long.

Many people easily forget the time when they play with their mobile phones, and miss the best time to let the body rest, affecting the body’s metabolism. Therefore, doctors suggest that the time to play mobile phones before going to sleep should not be too long, try to control within one and a half hours.

Fifth, avoid driving a mobile phone with a desk lamp.

Our body will begin to secrete melanin-inhibiting proteases after 11:30 in the evening. However, if the table lamp is turned on, the extra light source will disturb the normal secretion of the body, affecting metabolism, and it is unhealthy in the long run.

Doctors reminded that it is necessary to pay attention to develop good eye hygiene habits. Some bad habits such as improper wearing of beauty, long-term smoking, habitual blinking, etc. can easily affect eye health, and should be avoided, whether it is work or study. You should take a break every 45 minutes – one hour to protect your eyes.

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