Don’t eat half-boiled eggs

In the eyes of many people, the eggs are fresh and delicious, and the loss of nutrients is small. But in fact, half-cooked eggs are very risky.

slice of eggs on cakes

Eggs are a food that is more susceptible to bacterial contamination. The most common pathogen is Salmonella. Contaminated eggs are colorless and odorless, and can not be distinguished by the naked eye. Once infected, usually between 8 and 72 hours, people will have symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, and people with weak immunity may die. In October 2010, an incident of contamination of eggs by Salmonella broke out in the United States, and the total number of eggs recalled was as high as 500 million. Although not all eggs are contaminated by pathogens, this possibility is always present.

The most effective way for consumers to protect themselves is to fully cook the eggs. The US Department of Agriculture’s recommendation is that egg products are heated above 71 °C. At this temperature, Salmonella is essentially annihilated and the egg yolk is solidified. In daily life, the “yolk yolk completely solidified” can be regarded as a sign of “cooked” eggs. However, if the egg yolk is still in the “heart” state, even if the surface protein has not yet coagulated (the egg’s solidification temperature is about 62 ° C), effective sterilization will not be achieved, thereby increasing the risk of infection by pathogenic bacteria.

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