Can I run if I am sick? These five kinds can’t!

When it comes to sports, the simplest way to think of people is to run. On the one hand, running can improve the heart and lung function, on the one hand, it can also enhance the body’s immune resistance. But not everyone is suitable for running this sport. Once this type of person is not suitable for running, the opposite effect will occur.

run - How to be health
run – How to be health

So, what disease can you run?

First, cardiovascular patients

The human body needs to maintain life through oxygen while running, and also consumes related nutrients in the body. When you run fast, it not only causes the heart to beat faster, but also speeds up blood output and input on the heart, making it easy to exert pressure and urgency on the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, patients with cardiovascular disease will greatly increase the risk of exercise during this exercise.

Second, severe obesity patients

If the body’s body fat percentage is greater than 28%, it can be divided into severe obesity population. The lower limbs of the body of this group mainly bear most of the weight of the body, and the pressure is naturally large. At this time, running again will only increase the pressure on the lower limbs, causing damage to the knee joint.

Third, patients with severe coronary artery disease

This type of patient can cause pain in the body as long as there is a little exercise. For running, the intensity of exercise can be large or small, so this group of people is not suitable for running.

Fourth, patients who are recovering from heart disease

Many doctors will take a three-month break after the onset of such patients, after which they can do small exercise. Therefore, once such patients are in the recovery period, they can’t run, otherwise they will increase the recurrence rate and cause life-threatening.

Five, gallstone patients

For such patients, the exercise intensity is a bit large, which may cause the patient’s internal interpretation of the shock shift, resulting in other disease-related diseases. Gallstones can be excreted through targeted treatment, but it is determined by the condition of the stone. Gallstones usually occur in the gallbladder. Such diseases are more common in life, especially when older female friends are more likely to have gallstones. Therefore, it is necessary to treat it promptly after the disease is discovered.

In general, exercise is a good way to maintain health, but this approach may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, we have to go to the hospital regularly for a physical examination to understand their current physical condition and whether there are potential factors related to the disease. At the same time, before exercise, you can consult the doctor’s opinion and choose the appropriate intensity of exercise according to your actual situation.

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