Is celery good for you ?Is celery harmful or not?

Celery is a very common vegetable. For women who love beauty, celery also has the effect of protecting blood vessels, protecting the intestines, beauty and slimming, and slimming down; but online legends of celery have a bad influence on male reproductive ability.

Is celery good for you ? Is celery harmful or not?

The nutritional value and role of celery

According to modern scientific analysis, every 100 grams of celery contains 2.2 grams of protein, 0.3 grams of fat, 1.9 grams of sugar, 160 milligrams of calcium, 61 milligrams of phosphorus, 8.5 milligrams of iron, and also contains carotene and various other B vitamins. Celery is rich in nutrients, contains more calcium, phosphorus, iron and carotene, vitamin C, vitamin P, etc., has long been used for both food and medicine.


The celery contains acidic hypotensive components, which have obvious antihypertensive effect on intravenous injection of rabbits and dogs; vascular perfusion can make blood vessels dilate; with aortic arch perfusion method, it can resist the pressor response caused by nicotine and stalk butanine, and Can cause a drop in pressure. Clinically effective for primary, pregnancy and menopausal hypertension.


Celery is a high-fiber food product that produces a lignin or enteral fat by intestinal digestion. This substance is an antioxidant that inhibits carcinogens produced by bacteria in the intestines at high concentrations.

It can also speed up the running time of feces in the intestine and reduce the contact between carcinogens and colonic mucosa to prevent colon cancer.

Conducive to urination

Celery contains diuretic active ingredients, eliminating water and sodium retention in the body, diuretic swelling. Clinically, the effective rate of celery decoction is 85.7%, which can treat chyluria.

Prevent irritability

An alkaline component isolated from celery has a calming effect on animals and can exert a calming effect on the human body; celery or apigenin can resist the excitement of mice caused by cocaine, which is conducive to calming the mood and eliminating irritability.


Celery has a high iron content, which can supplement the loss of women’s menstrual blood. Eating celery can avoid iron deficiency symptoms such as pale, dry skin and no blood on the face.

Prevent gout

The leaves and stems of celery contain volatile substances, which are aromatic and enhance appetite. Celery juice also has a hypoglycemic effect. Regularly eat celery, can neutralize uric acid and acidic substances in the body, have a good effect on preventing gout.

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