Are red onions sweet than white onions?

There are two main types of onions currently available on the market: white onions and red onions. For people who like irritating odors, the greater the smell of onions, the better, but for those who encounter onions that are “easy to shed tears”, the smell of onions is probably not a good thing.

Is red onion sweet? Or is the white onion sweeter? This is a question for many people. Onions are a bit sweeter and may be good news for people who are not too heavy.

Now let’s help you analyze it.

Onion Pictures - How to be health
Onion Pictures – How to be health

Red onions are more spicy than white onions

By looking at Encyclopedia, we found that red onions are more spicy than white onions. In general, red onions are thinner than white onions and smell more than white onions, which are more likely to cause irritation to the nose and eyes.

When the onion is cut, the destroyed onion cells release a garlic enzyme called alliminase. Under its action, sulfur compounds in the volatile oils of onions are converted into a gaseous chemical.

This substance can stimulate the nerve endings of the cornea of the human eye, and the human body commands the lacrimal gland to secrete tears through the nervous system to wash away the irritating substances.

Red onions and this garlic enzyme are more than white onions.

By contrast, white onions are sweeter than red onions and have less irritating odor.

Is it good to have a pungent smell?

Many people don’t like onions very much, not only because it makes people feel irritating, but also because of the unpleasant smell that lasts for a long time after eating, causing social embarrassment. Although sulfur-containing gases make the onion smell unpleasant and “hidden”, many studies have found that sulfur-containing gases in onions may be good for health.

Studies have found that sulfur compounds in fresh onion juice inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, which is a protective effect on onion itself; the thiosulfinate produced by degradation of onion tissue contributes to anti-asthma and anti-inflammatory; Some of the substances extracted also have the effect of lowering blood sugar and lowering cholesterol, and also have a certain promoting effect on reducing the risk of cancer.

However, in general, onions are used as a side dish to add flavor to the seasoning. You don’t need to be overly superstitious about the health effects of onions, and there is no need to use it as a main dish.

The difference between white onions and red onions:

First, nutrition: white onions are better than purple onions in nutrition.

Second, the taste: white onions are not as spicy as purple onions, eat more sweet, the fruit of onions should be thicker

Third, preservation: white onions are relatively difficult to save compared to red onions.

Fourth, the use: from the aspect of odor, white onions suitable for cold salad, red onions are suitable for cooking, not raw.


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