Female hormones: description, effects, disorders

What is hormone?

Hormone is derived from Greek and is a hormone, meaning “activation”. It is a general term for hormones secreted by the body’s endocrine system that regulate physiological balance. Various hormones regulate the metabolism of the human body, the coordination between organs, and the growth, reproduction and reproduction. It not only affects the growth, development and emotional performance of a normal person, but also is an important factor in maintaining the balanced movement of various organ systems in the body. Once it is out of balance, the body will have lesions. Whether a person can achieve physical and mental health, hormones play a decisive role.

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The role of hormones

Although the amount of hormones in the human body is not much, it has a great impact on health. Lack of or excessive causes various diseases. For example, excessive secretion of growth hormone can cause giant disease; too little secretion will cause gnomes. disease. Excessive thyroid secretion can cause symptoms such as palpitations and hand sweats; too little secretion can easily lead to obesity and lethargy. Insufficient insulin secretion leads to diabetes. Many hormonal preparations as well as synthetic products have important applications in medicine and animal husbandry.

A substance that has a special effect on the body that is secreted directly into the blood by endocrine glands of humans and animals. Tissues such as the digestive tract organs and placenta can also secrete hormones, such as secreting hormones, promoting secretion of gastric juice, and chorionic gonadotropin.

Causes of hormonal imbalance

  • Menopause: Menopause can cause a sharp drop in the concentration of female hormones, causing a strong change in the body.
  • Gynecological diseases: Tumor diseases such as cervical cancer and ovarian cancer can cause hormonal imbalance and affect menstrual regularity.
  • Chronic diseases: diabetes, anemia or anorexia can also cause hormonal imbalance.
  • Incorrect weight loss: Many weight-loss methods on the market advocate dieting or taking medicine to lose weight. The weight loss is rapid and all aspects of the body can adapt and keep up with the pace of weight loss, resulting in hormonal imbalance.
  • Excessive exercise: Excessive exercise can change the proportion of body fat and muscle tissue, and affect the secretion of hormones, resulting in irregular menstruation and even amenorrhea. Misconduct: Abuse of psychiatric drugs, drug use, anti-cancer or contraceptives, and alcohol abuse can disrupt hormone secretion.

How to do hormonal imbalance

Develop a fixed interest and hobby for yourself

It is very important to have a healthy hobby. It is closely linked to the secretion of hormones. Because I love something, I can stimulate the edge of the brain that is slow.

Constantly stimulating your sense of smell

What smells good? Generally speaking, as long as you don’t dislike the taste. Especially the essential oils of celery and fennel can help the body and stimulate the secretion of female hormones.

Make yourself feel for love

According to research results of Japanese researchers, love can greatly promote the secretion of female hormones. After the marriage, life is stable, and the center of gravity returns to the busy state of work. There is no time to talk to the other half about love. This can’t be done. Occasionally try to give up your work temporarily, and from time to time to date, travel, or two people to participate in some social activities, you will feel young.

Let yourself learn to be touched

The easiest way is to let the child learn to move, tears flow out, there will be good results. Also, maintain moderate exercise and ensure a balanced body nutrition. Don’t always think about dieting to lose weight.

How to restore normal hormones

To maintain a good mood, participate in some friends’ gatherings, pay attention to physical and mental health, keep the life and diet regular, and let the brain be in normal mental activity, so that hormone secretion does not appear “problem.”

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