10 manifestations of female hormonal disorders, severely leading to infertility

Hormones are important to the functioning of the body, but people often don’t understand this until they have a problem.

Hormonal disorders can cause many problems for daily life. If you have the following characteristics, it may be that your body is telling you that your hormones are out of tune!

Breast discomfort may be closely related to hormonal imbalances - How to be health
Breast discomfort may be closely related to hormonal imbalances – How to be health

1: often feel tired

After sleeping for 8 hours, I feel so tired, and even severe symptoms of lethargy. In fact, you don’t really need to sleep, but female hormones are doing things, making your body feel that you are sleepy and need to sleep.

If you notice a change in your physical strength, don’t leave it alone, test your hormone levels!

2: Breast pain

Breast pain, breast hyperplasia, the main reason is endocrine disorders. Therefore, once the endocrine imbalance, disorder, it is easy to form breast hyperplasia and breast cancer. Therefore, regardless of how old, we always care about our chests, as long as they have a trace of the same, immediately seek medical attention.

3: weight gain

All women are concerned about their weight, and a sudden change in weight is another sign of hormonal imbalance. Weight gain in the stomach or arm may be a symptom of insulin resistance; an increase in the chest is usually associated with estrogen levels, and an increase in the buttocks and thighs is associated with the thyroid gland.

4: headache

Many factors can cause headaches, but if you often have headaches before and after menstruation, it may be that hormones are blaming. In real life, women inevitably encounter some difficult problems when they work, coupled with the stressful life and work pressure in the city, the nervous nerves are in a state of tension, leading to menstrual headaches in women.

5: hair loss

Hair will also tell you the story of hormones. With hair loss, hair density texture changes, which all point to hormonal imbalance. Thinning of the top hair indicates thyroid disorders; thinning of the hair on both sides indicates low levels of progesterone and estrogen. If you find that each part of the hair is thinner, it may mean that you have too much androgen in your body.

6: acne

It’s normal to have acne when your aunt comes, but if you find that your acne is growing all the time, then there is a problem! In general, endocrine disorders are long acne, mainly due to imbalance of hormone levels.

7: Irritable temper

The character suddenly becomes very violent. When you encounter a little thing, you are furious and always have an “unhappy” look. Sometimes it is difficult to control your emotions. This may be caused by a decline in female endocrine function (especially hyperthyroidism).

8: Insomnia

The nerves are in a tight state for a long time, leading to neuroendocrine disorders, which can cause insomnia. At night, the methods of hypnosis are exhausted, or the eyes are light. Insufficient attention during the day, drowsiness and drowsiness, seriously affecting daily life.

9: menstrual disorders

Usually menstrual menstruation is almost the same every month. If the components are too different, the menstrual period is not regular, it is likely because of endocrine disorders, leading to excessive or too low levels of ovarian estrogen secretion.

10: The appetite is suddenly very good

When your body’s estrogen drops, it affects other hormones, causing you to feel hungry! Indirectly affects weight and blood sugar, if there is a problem with the hypothalamus, there may be obesity caused by overeating.

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