The harm of estrogen deficiency, how to supplement estrogen

The key to women becoming women is estrogen. Estrogen is secreted by the ovaries and is the core substance that controls women’s life activities. The graceful and smooth skin of women is derived from estrogen. However, due to various factors, women’s estrogen levels have dropped significantly after the age of 30. There is a rapid decline, even at a rate of 10% per year. Therefore, if a woman wants to retain her youth and is more feminine, she should properly supplement estrogen.

Normal estrogen is a premise of a woman's sexy and beautiful /How to be health Character: Delaia González
Normal estrogen is a premise of a woman’s sexy and beautiful /How to be health Character: Delaia González

What are the hazards of estrogen deficiency?

1. The skin is poor, easy to grow long spots

Insufficient secretion of estrogen in women will seriously affect the skin texture, and even symptoms such as poor elasticity, deep wrinkles, more pigmentation, dullness, frequent peeling, and allergies.

2. Menstrual disorders

Insufficient estrogen in women can lead to menstrual disorders, periods that are too long or too short, and excessive or too little menstrual blood. There are also symptoms of vaginal dryness, poor elasticity, and low secretions.

3. Premature ovarian failure

Decreased female estrogen secretion leads to premature ovarian failure, which not only causes obesity, but also causes skin fat to thicken and make your body bloated. At the same time, estrogen deficiency can lead to female breast dysplasia, sagging, atrophy, dryness, different sizes, black hair and other symptoms.

4. Accelerate aging

Women with insufficient estrogen are most prone to symptoms of back pain, which is a manifestation of “osteoporosis.” The bones become lighter, softer, brittle, and prone to fractures; shortened height, hunchback, etc.

5. Obesity + chest change ugly

Once a woman’s estrogen secretion in the body is suddenly reduced, it will lead to premature ovarian failure, and various psychological and physiological symptoms will follow. In addition to poor skin, it can also lead to thick skin fat, make your body bloated, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs are all excess meat.

At the same time, it can cause breast dysplasia, such as sagging, atrophy, dryness, different sizes, and blackened areola.

Normal estrogen is a prerequisite for a woman to be sexy and beautiful / how to be health
Normal estrogen is a prerequisite for a woman to be sexy and beautiful / how to be health

Estrogen-adding food

Royal jelly

Royal jelly contains trace amounts of estrogen, which can just make up for the deficiency of female estrogen. Not only that, fresh royal jelly also contains a variety of natural and rare ingredients that support the body, no toxic side effects, and lasting effect. A large number of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements can supplement the body’s nutrition and meet physiological needs.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato contains an estrogen-like substance that has a similar effect to estrogen in the human body. Female friends often eat sweet potatoes, which can make the skin white and delicate, and youth is not old.


The estrogen content in the ferrets is also abundant, and it also contains other important nutrients, such as protein, amino acids, trace elements, etc. Therefore, eating ferrets not only can supplement estrogen, but also help female friends to add more nutrients. .


Pumpkin is rich in vitamin E, which increases ovarian vitality and promotes the secretion of more estrogen from the ovaries. Therefore, female friends often eat pumpkin can also play a role in supplementing estrogen.


Pueraria lobata is a common food that can supplement estrogen, because Pueraria lobata contains isoflavones. These substances are natural phytoestrogens. Regular consumption of Pueraria lobata can improve estrogen levels. In addition, Pueraria lobata also has a good breast enhancement effect, and female friends who want breast enhancement may wish to eat it regularly.

Soy and black beans

These two substances are the best for estrogen supplementation. Soy is rich in isoflavones and has a two-way regulation of hormones in the human body. When women lack estrogen, isoflavones can be directly absorbed as estrogen. When the body is not deficient in estrogen, isoflavones can be converted into other nutrients needed by the body, thus avoiding the problem of excessive estrogen supplementation. The nutritional value of black beans is comparable to that of soybeans. It is rich in crude protein and amino acids and is easily absorbed by the body. The content of vitamin E and isoflavones is also considerable. Black beans are rich in phytoestrogens and are safe to supplement, so they are suitable for women after age 35.

Mature sexy Ukrainian beauty
Mature sexy Ukrainian beauty

Estrogen daily conditioning

To ensure sleep

If you can guarantee a good sleep for 8 hours a day, it will help the normal secretion of estrogen, because the body will produce estrogen when sleeping. People who often stay up late often tend to cause imbalance or even deficiency of hormone secretion, which in turn causes other diseases.

Try to ensure that you fall asleep before 10 pm, this is due to the best repair state from 10 pm to 2 am. Put some lavender next to the pillow and stay relaxed for 1 hour before going to bed.

Mental conditioning

Stress is an important cause of dysregulation of estrogen secretion.

When you are in a state of tension, the ovulation function will be affected. If you can’t ovulate normally, you can’t produce enough progesterone in the follicular phase. Without progesterone, you can’t control estrogen within a certain range, and the side effects of estrogen will be produced. Stress also increases cortisol levels, which can cause endocrine imbalances.

Therefore, we must maintain a happy, optimistic mood, maintain a peace of mind, especially pay attention to relaxation, reduce psychological stress, overcome anxiety, tension and other negative emotions.

Appropriate exercise

Female estrogen can be well secreted, which is of great benefit to improve women’s quality of life, and one of the “powers” is exercise. Exercise can reduce stress, improve sleep habits, and help regulate body hormone secretion.

Studies have confirmed that exercise does regulate the levels of estrogen secretion. The greatest benefit of exercise is increased heart contraction, storage function, and blood vessel elasticity. Walking for at least 30 minutes a day will have an unexpected effect.

Detoxification conditioning

Once the body’s detoxification function is not good, the body’s toxins will not be discharged, disrupting the endocrine system. The body generally has five ways to reduce toxins: breathing, sweating, menstruation, urination, and bowel movements. Therefore, always pay attention to keep the bowel movements, urination, sweat glands unobstructed, so that all wastes and toxins produced by the body have smooth drainage channels.

At the same time, we must pay attention to timely replenishment of drinking water, pay attention to the prevention and treatment of symptoms such as constipation, sweating when sweating, provide adequate nutrients to the ovaries, activate the ovaries and their system functions.

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