How to prevent prostate inflammation?

Prostatitis is terrible, then do you know that there is a way to prevent prostatitis? Let’s take a look at it together.

Prostatitis is a relatively common male disease, its harmfulness is very large, it is easy to cause reproductive diseases, and it can lead to infertility, so we must be prepared to prevent prostatitis in normal times. So, do you know what methods to prevent prostatitis?

How to prevent prostate inflammation?

How to prevent prostate disease?

1, drink more water

More water will urinate more often, high concentration of urine will produce some stimulation of the prostate, long-term adverse stimulation is harmful to the prostate. Drinking more water not only dilutes the blood, but also effectively dilutes the concentration of urine.

2, do not urinate

Once the bladder is filled with urine, it should be urinated, and urine is not good for the bladder and prostate. Before taking a long-distance bus, you should empty the urination and then take the bus. If you are urinating on the way, you should greet the driver and get rid of the urination. Don’t be hard.

3. Moderate life

To prevent prostate hypertrophy, it is necessary to pay attention from the young and middle-aged. The key is to have a moderate sex life, and not to abstain from sex. Sexual life frequently causes the prostate to be in a state of hyperemia for a long time, causing the prostate to enlarge. Therefore, especially in the youth period when sexual desire is relatively strong, pay attention to restraint life, avoid repeated hyperemia of the prostate, and give the prostate full recovery and dressing time. Of course, excessive abstinence can cause discomfort and discomfort, as well as the prostate.

4, more relaxation

Stress in life may increase the chance of prostate enlargement. Clinically, when the pressure of life slows down, the symptoms of the prostate will be relieved, so you should try to stay relaxed as usual.

5, wash the warm bath

Washing the warm bath can relieve the tension between the muscles and the prostate, slow down the symptoms of discomfort, and often wash the warm bath is undoubtedly beneficial to patients with prostate disease. If you take a bath with a warm water every day for 1-2 times, you can also get good results.

6, keep it clean

Men’s scrotum is more flexible, more sweat secretion, coupled with poor ventilation of the genitals, easy to hide dirt, local bacteria often take advantage of the virtual, which will lead to prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy, sexual function decline, if not timely attention A serious infection has occurred. Therefore, insisting on cleaning the perineum is an important part of preventing prostatitis. In addition, it is necessary to wash the external genitalia every time in the same room.

7, to prevent cold

Don’t sit on the cool stone for a long time, because the cold can make the sympathetic nerves increase, causing the urethral pressure to increase and causing reflux.

8, avoid friction

Rubbing of the perineum will aggravate the condition of the prostate, causing obvious discomfort to the patient. In order to prevent local harmful friction, it is necessary to ride a bicycle less, and not to ride a bicycle or a motorcycle for a long time or a long distance.

9, regulate life

Try not to drink alcohol, eat less spicy and spicy food such as pepper, ginger, to avoid repeated congestion of the prostate and bladder neck, aggravating the feeling of local pain. Because constipation may aggravate the symptoms of prostate bulge, it is advisable to eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce the occurrence of constipation, and use the seeds of the laren pill to help discharge the stool if necessary.

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