4 precautions for drinking water

A healthy body can’t live without water, but it doesn’t hurt to hurt. The US “Prevention” magazine has published four tips for drinking water to remind everyone to pay attention.


Can not drink a lot in a short time.

Drinking plenty of water in a short period of time will increase the amount of urine and perspiration of the body. The former will increase the burden on the kidneys, while the latter will cause excessive loss of salt in the body, leading to electrolyte imbalance.

The urine is clear and colorless, indicating that it is enough.

How to judge whether it is enough to drink water, it is recommended to observe your own urine color every day: if it is light lemon color, it means that the body water is in the best state; if the urine is clear and colorless, it should reduce the water intake slightly; if the urine is yellow , you need to replenish water in time.

It is not advisable to drink before and after eating a big meal.

People’s stomach space is limited. If you drink plenty of water before or after a meal, it will crowd the space, causing abdominal distension and abdominal pain, which is unfavorable to gastrointestinal motility and lead to indigestion. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to drink water for half an hour after a meal.

Avoid drinking immediately after a long exercise.

Drinking water immediately after exercise can cause a sudden increase in blood volume in the body, which increases the burden on the heart. A large amount of water is stored in the stomach, which also affects the lifting and lowering of the diaphragm, causing discomfort such as chest tightness and asthma. It is recommended to sit down for 10 minutes after exercise and then drink water to give the body a buffer time. At the same time, drink 150~200 ml each time. Don’t drink too much at one time.

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