To lose weight in summer, you should eat less of these four kinds of fruits

Many people may feel that eating fruit is necessary because it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and cellulose, which are all important nutrients in the body, but not all fruits can be eaten at will. Coupled with summer to many Meimei feel dissatisfied with their body will want to lose weight, of course, fruit has become their first choice to lose weight, but even if the fruit is very rich in nutrition, but if every day as a diet meal is not allowed, In particular, the following four kinds of fruit.

Nutritional value and benefits of avocado

1. Avocado.

Most people eat avocado because it consumes oil such as glyceric acid, protein, vitamin E and vitamins that help to slow down aging and is also effective in moisturizing the skin and shrinking pores. But even if avocado is so effective, it is not suitable for weight loss friends to eat more, after all, a normal size avocado is equivalent to the human body ate three bowls of rice.

2. Durian.

Durian should be familiar to everyone, the title of the king of fruit is also well-deserved, there are many people like to eat durian, also will often go to fruit shops to sell, instead of dinner some people like to eat more fruit to appease hunger. But a whole durian may be more than a few dinners if you buy one from the store if you don’t finish it and you’re afraid it’s broken.

3 .  jackfruit.

Jackfruit is mostly sugar, and when you go and buy it, you can see that it’s secreting sugar, super sticky, and it’s got the same amount of sugar as the white rice we eat every day. If eating too much can cause you to get fatter and fatter, the problem is that you’re definitely not eating anything or gaining weight by the time you lose weight.

Which fruits will gain weight? what fruit will you eat? what fruit will you eat to lose weight?

4. Jujube.

Jujube should be more famous in Xinjiang, plus grapes, because the temperature difference over there in Xinjiang is relatively large, the sugar content of the fruit produced is also very high, and friends who lose weight all know that the sugar content of the fruit produced is also very high. High calorie high sugar content food is the taboo of weight loss if not careful gluttony may let the previous period of hard work in vain.

What fruit do you eat in summer to lose weight the fastest.


The cellulose content of pear fruit is very high in all kinds of fruit, each pear of medium size contains about 4 grams of cellulose. More fiber means a stronger sense of fullness and a better ability to stabilize blood sugar-without causing blood sugar to soar and drop rapidly.


Apples are also rich in cellulose. A medium-sized apple skin contains 4.4 grams of dietary fiber. After peeling, the dietary fiber content of apple meat is 2.1 grams.

Remember that sentence in junior high school English class: “an apple a day keeps the doctors away”, now Americans have changed their “an apple a day keeps the pounds away”

Fruits and melons:

All kinds of watermelons, cantaloupes, etc. Melon and fruit are rich in moisture, so the heat is not high. If you eat half of the cantaloupe, you probably only have 100 calories.


Cherries have a very low glycemic index, which means that although they are sweet to eat, they are not easily absorbed by your bloodstream, so they do not cause your blood sugar to rise rapidly. And blood sugar stability is important for weight loss and diabetes management. Foods with a high glycemic index can lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar, which causes the body to release more insulin and promote fat synthesis.


Grape weight loss is a mystery to many people. In fact, grape weight loss is the same principle as cherry. Because its sugar won’t be quickly absorbed by your body.

Noun interpretation:

The glycemic index of a food is the immediate effect of the food on raising blood sugar in the body, reflecting the extent to which the food has an effect on the rise in blood sugar. In general, foods rich in dietary fiber or low in glucose have a lower glycemic index and are therefore more conducive to weight loss.

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