Dietary notes on white radish, can’t white radish be eaten with anything?

White Radish is a vegetable originated from Southeast Asia and belongs to Cruciferae. White Radish has the characteristics of low fat and high vitamins, and is a healthy food.

According to Wikipedia, 100g of white radish provides 27% of RDA of vitamin C, as well as other rich active enzymes.

But white radish cannot be eaten with some common foods, which may cause some side effects.

Food that cannot be eaten with white radish mainly includes: various fruits, ginseng, agaric, traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

Let’s look at the specific reasons:

White radish can't eat with anything
White radish can’t eat with anything

White radish cannot be eaten with fruit

After cruciferous vegetables such as white radish enter the body, thiocyanate, an antithyroid substance, will be produced soon after metabolism in the body.

It can inhibit the work of thyroid gland, and the amount of this substance is directly proportional to the intake of white radish.

If fruits containing a large amount of plant pigments, such as oranges, pears, apples and grapes, are ingested at the same time, hydroxybenzoic acid and ferulic acid will be produced after intestinal bacteria decompose.

They can enhance the ability of thiocyanate to inhibit thyroid function, thus inducing goiter.

With ginseng

According to Chinese traditional medicine, white radish is a cold food, while ginseng is a hot medicine, both of which can counteract the effect of ginseng after eating together.

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Traditional Chinese medicine

Don’t eat white radish while eating traditional Chinese medicine.

In addition, white radish should not be eaten when taking Chinese medicine pills or proprietary Chinese medicines, otherwise white radish will counteract the efficacy.

White radish can be eaten with carrots

Update: White radish can be eaten with carrots.

In the previous version, referring to the literature of traditional Chinese medicine, we published the view that “white radish cannot be eaten with carrots”.

This is actually wrong, and the following are the reasons.

Before, we learned from the Chinese website:

Carrots contain an enzyme called ascorbic acid, which breaks down vitamin C in white radish.

But this just sounds “reasonable”. The truth is:

“Ascorbic Acid Decomposition Enzyme” is actually “Ascorbic Acid Oxidase”. All plants contain this substance, including white radish.

Vitamin C in vegetables is easily destroyed, such as cutting, heating, lighting, contact with oxygen …

In any case, for now, eating carrots and white radishes together will not damage vitamin C.

Therefore, at present, we believe that white radish can be eaten with carrots.

White Radish Avoid Eating with Auricularia

According to some research records, white radish and edible fungus may suffer from dermatitis after eating together. This theory comes from a Chinese website, and we are still looking for better data sources.

However, caution is not wrong.

Nutritious white radish, baby can eat some
Nutritious white radish, baby can eat some

Is it okay to eat white radish with carrots?

As mentioned above, carrots can actually be eaten with white radishes.

According to an expert’s reply from justanswer, carrots and white radishes have no nutritional conflicts.

We checked google search answers in Germany and the United States and found that most people support this view. In fact, there are many recipes that put carrots and white radishes together.

Although some websites advocate not to eat the two foods together, their reasons are the same:

Because carrots contain a decomposing enzyme, it will destroy vitamin C in white radish.

Then, we looked up an article, which pointed out that “ascorbic acid oxidase” in carrots is present in most vegetables, which is not the main reason why vitamin C is destroyed.

Therefore, according to the summary, we have come to the conclusion that white radish can be eaten with carrots. Even if some vitamin C is destroyed, it will not harm your health.

Last updated: July 22, 2019

References: Denial of Rumors about Carrots and White Radish – Chinese Nutritionist Ruan Guangfeng

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  1. Khanh says:

    Your article says “The reason is that carrots contain an enzyme called ascorbic acid, which destroys vitamin C in white radish.”

    Now on the government website it says
    “Ascorbic Acid is a natural water-soluble vitamin (Vitamin C). Ascorbic acid is a potent reducing and antioxidant agent that functions in fighting bacterial infections, in detoxifying reactions, and in the formation of collagen in fibrous tissue, teeth, bones, connective tissue, skin, and capillaries.”

    So you’re telling me the Vitamin C in carrots destroys the Vitamin C in white radishes? Can you send me the information to the publication that said this?

    1. says:

      I am sorry about this error. I will review the literature within 48 hours and correct this error, thank you!

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