Dietary notes on white radish, can’t white radish be eaten with anything?

White radish can’t eat with anything

The foods that are grammed with white radish and can not be eaten with white radish are: various types of fruits, ginseng, fungus, carrots, Chinese medicine, etc.

White radish can't eat with anything
White radish can’t eat with anything

White radish cannot be eaten with fruit.

After the cruciferous vegetables such as white radish enter the body, metabolism through the body will quickly produce an anti-thyroid substance, thiocyanate, which inhibits the work of the thyroid gland. The amount of the substance produced is proportional to the intake. If you ingest a large amount of fruit pigments such as oranges, pears, apples, grapes, etc., these fruits will be broken down by bacteria in the intestines to produce hydroxybenzoic acid and ferulic acid, which can strengthen thiocyanate to inhibit thyroid work. Ability to induce thyroid enlargement.

White radish can not be eaten with ginseng

In Chinese medicine, white radish and ginseng will counteract the effects of ginseng after eating together.

White radish can not eat with Chinese medicine

Do not eat white radish during the period of eating Chinese medicine, otherwise it will affect the efficacy.

White radish can not be eaten with carrots

Eating white radish and carrots will affect the body’s absorption of both vegetables. Because the white radish has a very high vitamin C content, it is very beneficial to human health, and if it is mixed with carrots, vitamin C will be lost. The reason is that carrots contain a de-enzyme called ascorbic acid, which destroys vitamin C in white radish. Therefore, when making pickles or other dishes, do not put the two kinds of radishes together.

White radish bogey and eat with fungus

When radish and fungus are eaten together, it can cause dermatitis.

Nutritious white radish, baby can eat some
Nutritious white radish, baby can eat some

White carrots and carrots to eat together

Many friends like to cut carrots and white radishes into silk, and then turn them into red and white, crisp and refreshing cold dishes. Some friends like to cut carrots and white radishes into pieces and make soup with burdock or mutton. In fact, these practices It is not scientific.

Although carrots and white radishes have many benefits for the human body, they cannot be eaten together. Why? This is determined by the different characteristics of the two. Studies have shown that the reason why white radish has a good digestive effect is because it contains mustard oil and amylase and lignin that help digestion. The absorption of lignin by the gastrointestinal tract can also stimulate the vitality of macrophages and improve The body’s immunity; white radish also contains a variety of enzymes, can eliminate carcinogens, play a anti-cancer purpose; interferon inducer contained in white radish can stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa to produce interferon, anti-viral infection , inhibits the role of tumor cell proliferation. The above enzymes, lignin, interferon inducer, etc. are not heat-resistant, and are destroyed at a high temperature of 70 °C.

It can be seen that white radish should be better eaten if it wants to better exert its therapeutic effect of helping digestion and anti-cancer. Carrots, on the other hand, are rich in beta-carotene, which can be converted to vitamin A in the human body. Vitamin A and β-carotene have the ability to promote the production of photopigmentation in the eye, prevent night blindness, enhance the ability of the eyes to distinguish colors, and improve eye fatigue and dry eyes. However, when carrots are eaten raw, more than 70% of carotene cannot be absorbed.

It can be seen that the cooking method of mixing carrots and white radishes together with cold vegetables or stewing together may result in a decrease in the nutritional value of one of the radishes. In addition, this cooking method can also induce “civil war”, because the content of vitamin C in white radish is high, while carrot contains a decomposing enzyme against vitamin C, which can destroy vitamin C in white radish. When the two meet, the vitamin C in the white radish is seriously lost, and its nutritional value is naturally greatly reduced.

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